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Steering Wheel basics

One of the fundamental tool inside the Synchronous Technology, is the steering wheel.

In this article you will explore the steering wheel basics

The steering wheel is an important element of the Synchronous design, it help you move and orient surfaces of your model.

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New Virtual style answer in the question corner

Hello to all Solid DNA reader’s

Many of you have heard about the new Solid Edge Virtual Training  coming soon, if not take a look at this preview page and spread the word around you, so people in the CAD business can experience training like nothing else before.

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ST2 Steering wheel

New release of synchronous technology introduce new behavior and layout for the steering wheel.

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Alan Question

How to lock the center of a slot to a local reference plane?

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North Alabama/Middle Tennessee Solid Edge User Group

First meeting of the user group will be held on, October 14th from 3:00 to 7:00 pm.

Please register your presence at:

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SEwST 2 keynote detail – hole alignment

This next article highlight one of the command see at PLM world, Hole alignment. This command came from a workflow develop under ST1 that make its way into a single command for ST2

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Inventor fusion or AutoCAD revisit?

I wasn’t sure if I should write about Inventor fusion. Then Technology Preview was available so why not take  a sneak peak at it and see what this first preview can offer.

My first impression, it give me the déjà vu impression. We are in a AutoCAD world, without all the icons, toolbar and functionalities… except for the multi body operation.

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Solid Edge Simulation

One of the new module introduce in ST2 is the Simulation module. This extend the family of product in that field.

The simulation in the velocity series include three modules:

  • Solid Edge simulation Express (FEMAP Express)
  • Solid Edge simulation

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