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Solid Edge organic surface design in Synchronous

It was mention once that Solid Edge was focusing on machine design and many were left with that impression.

Update 2012-01-02

Some request was made to have a slower version of the Shower head design, the original author provide a link to the video showing the full design including a quick use of the render mode see below…

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Mixer images

For those who like to follow video, i have place the mixer image in the yahoo group files section.

If you do not have a yahoo account use the general sign in

Have a nice wekkend all

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Surfacing with SEwST – Grand-grand mother of ST

Hi everyone sorry if this one has taking long to come out…..

YES you read right, surface command inside SEwST has some genes that can be related to Synchronous Technology…

In this first article I introduce the surface.

Hope you will find this one interesting, also i place interesting video of a surface model read and watch for your self.

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