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PLM World Announces

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the devastating floods in Nashville, Tennessee and the PLM World board has decided to “relocate” our Siemens PLM Connection user group conference to Dallas on June 27- July 2.  The overwhelming feedback from you, the user community, was to continue to have the conference this year and preferably in the next several months.  We are very pleased to announce that we have set a new date and location for the upcoming Siemens PLM Connection 2010 event:

Where:  Dallas, TX
When:  27 June – 2 July 2010

After looking for other event sites in Nashville during the same time, we were encouraged by the Nashville tourism office to go elsewhere because of the sustained damage, cleanup and needed reconstruction effort.  We are currently in the final stages of signing the contract with the hotel in Dallas and will let you know early next week once the contract is in place with the exact details. Your registration will be maintained but you’ll need to rebook your hotel which will be on the site once we announce the venue. In addition, we are also allowing you to transfer your registration to another person if scheduling is an issue.

Please watch for another communication early next week.

Thanks again for your support.

PLM World

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Made in Solid Edge


Lately, my attention was caught by a strange design, when I notice Made in Solid Edge.

So i would like to share this picture.

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Youth Development

Huntsville Center for Technology student wins silver medal in the national SkillsUSA Technical Drafting Competition.

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Thanks’ to Bob

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PLM Wolrd museum

Wonder how all things start at Simens PLM Software..

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MDI compress air car

Looking for a new car, compress air car are now a reality and Solid Edge is part of the development

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Resize Windows application

Hi All

Question ask lately…. how to resize a window to a specific size?

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Parts Library

In 23 Languages, you can have access to 100 millions+ 3D parts and detail 2D.

Solid Edge DVD content

image 599 pages PDF Free DVD trial


See the list of catalogue

Or visit their Parts Manufacturers link

Have a nice weekend all.

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LinkedIN group

People who are connect to LinkedIN can now be part of Solid Edge Virtual Training group

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Ever wonder where you could ask questions about Solid Edge?

For those who do not own a solid edge lincense and would like to know more about it or simply ask questions to validate any informations or rumors you heard about Solid Edge;  turn to the solid edge free 2d forum.

It is a free forum  that anyone can  register and get real answers from the Solid Edge community and from those who know the software from the inside,  the Solid Edge development team.

Free 2D

Whether you are using 2D across your company or for a specific 2D design process, Solid Edge 2D Drafting will give you an immediate advantage with production-proven capabilities including drawing layout, Goal Seeking, diagramming, and dimensioning. It is fully compliant with ISO, ANSI, BSI, DIN, JIS and UNI, and it’s absolutely FREE to download and use.

Solid Edge 2D Drafting eases the transition from 2D AutoCAD with import wizards, matched fonts and color schemes, XREF support, paper/model space support and much more. Get up to speed faster with a built-in Command Finder – never look for AutoCAD equilvalent command again.

Solid Edge 2D Drafting requires Windows XP or Vista and now includes the Free Solid Edge Viewer. Make sure you have Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later for the download.

To get your FREE copy of Solid Edge Free 2D Drafting and join the forum

Step 1

Step 2


For other general inquiries visit

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Afternoon snack idea

Click picture to download solid edge project

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Space invader…..

Yep  aliens have plan to attack earth one more time. May be this is in preparation for 2012….

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Electric cars

Seen last night on radio-canada at Découverte, a frech scientific tv show.

It was about plugin hybrid. What was intersting is at 1:51 when they make a flash back on the eletric wheel motor develop by TM4 at Hydro-Québec

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Designfusion lance une invitation aux utilisateurs Solid Edge du Québec

Vous êtes invité à la présentation des nouveautés de Solid Edge Synchronous Technology 2.

Venez voir les progrès formidables de Solid Edge avec Synchronous Technology 2. Joignez-vous à nous et découvrez comment Synchronous Technology peut considérablement améliorer votre processus de conception et comment les autres produits et services offerts par Designfusion peuvent réduire vos coûts et vous donner un avantage stratégique.

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Internet web viewer

Look at Jason Newell web site to see  example of the JT2GO viewer (ActiveX viewer control in a web page) for a complete information about the product.

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Mouse gesture inside SE

It is look like someone manage to make mouse gesture work inside Solid Edge…..

In case you have some interest on the subject, here a link  feel free to add any comment pointing to similar application

While we are on the subject of mouse gesture ( once you view the video pay a visit to


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Inventor fusion or AutoCAD revisit? follow-up

Does Autodesk really make the fusion between linear and non linear modeling? If so how did they do that?

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Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology award

Designnews .com  post  a news about SEwST winning the Golden Mousetrap award

“…While the merits of history-free vs. history-based or parametric CAD systems have been debated for years, 2009 was the year vendors made huge strides in bridging the benefits of both modeling technologies in one product. Perhaps no 3-D CAD company did as much to advance the trend as Siemens PLM Software with the introduction of Synchronous Technology, its next-generation modeling approach…”

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Step NC

Having start my professinal career has a machinist, i always keep an eye  on what happend on this side of the fence.

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North Alabama/Middle Tennessee Solid Edge User Group

First meeting of the user group will be held on, October 14th from 3:00 to 7:00 pm.

Please register your presence at:

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