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Dave’s Question

Dave have a three parts assembly he receive and ask what are his options when it come time to assemble those three parts.

See answer in the Tutorial section:

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SEwST 2 keynote detail-Persistent symmetry and other

In the first release of Synchronous Technology symmetry was recognize by  Live Rules when the part was model around the main plane.

If symmetry was need in a offset position we had to use the manual symmetry place in the advance Live Rules.

ST2 enhance the symmetry capability.

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New file in the tutorial section

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Multiple solutions

I do not intend or pretend to resolve all problems with this article, but if I can give you some good guidelines to develop good practices, the travel will be less chaotic

The mysterious case of Multiple Solutions

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Assembly Relationship Assistant

In a perfect world, once parts are place in an assembly, we shouldn’t have to touch relations. Moving parts around, software’s should understand the new intention and adjust the type, the distance and the orientation of any relations. On top of that constraint should been applied to the correct faces.


Follow the lead…

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Flash Fit

Flash Fit concept.

Flash Fit try to replicate the process of our brain when placing part.

When we hold an object, our brain process geometry and send informations to our hand to move/rotate so we can align two parts to make them fit together.

Like Keanu Reeve in the Matrix who see things in term of 0 and 1




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