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En route to Solid Edge ST6

En route to Solid Edge ST6

By now there is a good chance that you have heard about Solid Edge and you wonder how can I learn more about it.

The answer is simple, follow @soliddna or connect to the Solid Edge social community to expand your knowledge about Solid Edge and ask questions about it, or simply comment and share.

A series of posts named En route to ST6 will be post every day (that’s the objective) until ST6 will be announced at the Solid Edge University.

This series will help you learn Solid Edge one step at a time, just in time to receive the fresh bake ST6.

Happy design all


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Solid DNA Social Community

Hello dear readers

First of all a big thank you to everyone who follow my blog. During the past year, I’ve been quite busy (changes in my professional life) so I didn’t have time  to write as much as I would like to. I’m catching up during this new year time to announce the:
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CAD Business model

Intro to an article sitting for long in my bin (almost a year now), I decide to revisit this article after reading one of Matt Lombard article to see if i can finally finish my article. I try to update it to make it actual, but some reference are dating back to the time i start writing it.

Update #2 Looks like i should have come out with this article long ago. Read Dave Ault last post

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What’s new ST5

This was a popular request






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GrabCad top ten Solid Edge tutorials finalist

Grabcad create a Solid Edge tutorials contest and here the top ten finalists:

Marek with “Solid Edge Frame Tutorial

Grant Holohan with “How to Link an excel file to a solid-edge part

Suraj Mal with “Tutorial on modeling Tennis Ball

Sudhir Gil with “Tutorial on modeling spark plug

David Nelson with “How to Make and Assemble a Pillow Block

Andreas Gkertsos with “How to Create a 3D Curve in SolidEdge

Edison Phoenix with “How to Create a Word on a Cylinder

Abre with “Simple Simulation Tutorial

Hendy with “How to Make a Simple Spring in Solid Edge

Cemal Uslu with “How to Model an Apple Device Dock in Solid Edge


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Solid Edge University Agenda 2012

To anyone wondering if you should attend the Solid Edge University take a look at those links provide by Susan Cinadr.

The agenda is start getting populate

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Hello world

Wonder what is behind this??

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Solid Edge developers wants to know….

Ok this the time of the year where we start getting some excitement.

Solid Edge beta program has begun, Solid Edge university is coming and….

Solid Edge Users,

The Solid Edge development team invites you to take part in a short customer survey designed to help us deliver the highest value software solutions possible.
Your input is very important to us and the data we collect will provide us with valuable information as we plan for future releases of the product.
The survey is divided into eight sections and should take you about ten minutes to complete. To participate, please visit our survey site below before April 13th.
All responses are anonymous and completely confidential. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Survey Site


Jeff Walker
Solid Edge Product Design Manager
Siemens PLM Software

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Solid Edge has a little something, can you guess what it is…

Solid Edge  has a little something, can you guess what it is?

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Are you still wonder where Siemens goes with Solid Edge????

OK after four release of Solid Edge Synchronous Technology, and the fifth on his way, there is still people who wonder where the heck Siemens go with all this Synch stuff….

Well recent partnership announcement with Local motors company seems to give the tempo.

So while we wait for the next release around June, treat your self and watch this Top Gear US video showing Local Motors creation

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Edge Publisher – help publishing your Solid Edge documentation

Edge Publisher is an application that automates your workflows for the verification, updating and publication of your Solid Edge documents.

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Solid edge ST4 Release Candidate

Hi everyone,

Looks like the Release Candidate of Solid Edge ST4 is about to be ready for shipping or download.

Watch the Support area this weekend or next week.

Also update training materiel will be available by the end of the month if everything goes smooth.

Point your browser to

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Introduction training to FEA

Thank to Mark Burhop who point out this link to a introduction training about FEA

“…The course offers excellent guidance on how to assess and plan the task of carrying out a structural analysis using FEA. A clear understanding of the objectives of each analysis is vital and a road map for achieving this is presented. A review of the tradeoff between available resource and analysis methodology is given…”

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Access electonic 3d components

RS Components Reduces Design Time for Engineers by Publishing 30,000 3D CAD Models.

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Solid Edge and the DIY market

Sometimes when surfing on the web you make nice discovery….

  • When someone speaks loud about free 2D  to make noise, Solid Edge already have quietly deploy their Solid Edge Free 2D all over the place.
  • While others speak about next cloud applications, Siemens already offer their Community collaboration as part of the Teamcenter  portfolio.
  • So when I heard about some CAD company looking for new market in the  DIY community,  I found this…….DIY 1:8 offroad car and this MeCCR V »

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PLM Dassault V6 cloud……..

While reading the latest posts by Oleg from Beyond PLM

For sure N!fuse/N!volve taste the new flavor of the day  (web 2.0). But have you ever heard of… Teamcenter Application Sharing from Siemens? Probably not because like many says Siemens probably do not invest as much they should in their marketing. But things change and evolve Solid Edge St4 is a good example.

“…With Teamcenter® Application Sharing by UGS, you can hold conferences instantly, no matter where your team members are located. You can share your entire desktop or selected desktop applications. Participants can request to become host or to take remote control of the host’s desktop……”

Teamcenter Application Sharing is one of the tools Siemens offer in their latest web base solution call Community Collaboration (There is three videos)

Basically Teamcenter Application Sharing seem to make the same thing  as N!fuse, allowing multiple users to share a common space.With two differences,

– Data stay on the host side not in the cloud
– It was develop in the 2000’s years not the 2010’s, one generation ahead of it time 🙂

If Siemens invest a little bit to make the interface look more like any social apps.  With few tweaks to enhance the features to match the philosophy of the web 2.0, I guess that Siemens could offer a nice application to the CAD community without having the obligation to upload your data behind a corporate portal.

If the market insist 🙂 Siemens could simply port it (or you could port yourself) to any Amazone like  cloud

Here a link to a brief help content about Teamcenter Sharing Application

If you never had the chance to test it asks your Siemens representative to invite you to a Teamcenter Application Conference.

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Get ready for ST4 release canditate – Training offer

Hi everyone

Fresh bake from the ST4 ovent.

Solid Edge is no more the best keep secret of the CAD industry.

Are you interested by Solid Edge?…Are you looking to buy Solid Edge?…You just bought Solid Edge?…

Or you are already member of the Solid Edge community from long time….?

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Solid Edge get another blog

A new member of the Solid Edge community join the blogsphere

Visit @asteng88 and leave him a welcome word

Here is blog address

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Solid DNA and ST4 event

Hi all

A brief post to encourage everyone to visit during the Solid Edge ST4 event.

From the home page you will be able to click on a link to follow a live coverage of the event

Lots of stuff during those three days, will do my best to keep you inform.

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Solidedging video

Latest blog addition in the Solid Edge ecosystem, Dave Ault with Solidedging, show us a video of 12 minutes on how he use Solid Edge St3 to edit real life part.

Yes you have read write, A REAL LIFE PART, work in Solid Edge.

How many times i have heard “Hey I do real life design” not some sort of gimmick demo part. Well for those who  think that real life parts are design only on their software watch Dave in action.

Warning: This is not a marketing contest with bells and whistle and bikini babe. Just a plain video showing a part being edit with Solid Edge ST3

Have a great weekend all, next stop ST4 event

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