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Variables table

At the heart of any design we can found an idea.

From that idea design intent is born

Design intent is then strip down to rules that are reduce to simple expressions or variables.

This is where the Variables Table takes its meaning.

In this article I will introduce in a depther way this essential tool need to create parametric model.

Variables Table

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Been there done that.

Manage properties

Solidworks 2009 is out, SW blog squad  and corporate marketing will be hard at work painting wall to wall whats’ new.

Information gather here and there suggest that next month  will be fill with that launch. Has many read the last release of Solidworks ( 2008 ) receive hard critic.

With my new blog i will figure has the « Gaulois village» in Asterix.

Reports from the last Solidworks world suggest that developpers had place emphasis on the stability an performance.

Presentation of SW2009 was conduct with the theme of administring medecine to help patient.

No doubt this will be a important release for them.

All that buzz inspire me a serie of articles “Been there done that”.

First one is about properties

Been there done that – manage property

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