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New Camera tutorial

Hi everyone

Sorry if i have taken long to post new stuff

Look in the tutorials section, a new one is available in three parts. I admit i was inspire by an external source.


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Flash Fit

Flash Fit concept.

Flash Fit try to replicate the process of our brain when placing part.

When we hold an object, our brain process geometry and send informations to our hand to move/rotate so we can align two parts to make them fit together.

Like Keanu Reeve in the Matrix who see things in term of 0 and 1




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SEwST interface +

In the last article about the interface, I didn’t cover everything and some have been cover quickly.

Some are basic to SE users or at least for those who use their two and. For those who do not use SE it will be a nice introduction to the ergonomics place inside the software that do not catch the eyes on first look.

The first one’s I would like to review are the visualization Tools……


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