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Blog about stuff on Solid Edge CAD software


Note:Visit for more.

Here you will find tutorials. I made those interactive so as you follow them you will be part of the action.

This is the closes thing you can be without installing the software.

Gradually you should see more of them.

Also if you have request use the request page top right corner of the screen.

Thank you for your visit, hope you enjoy it, feed back are welcome…

Introduction Power Point for Synchronous Technology
Steering Wheel
Sphere Ramp
Variables Interactive tutorials
Hole alignment


Part in assembly (For this one i output in SWF so i can do some testing , rename the extension to “.SWF an open with a web browser… feedback are welcome

cameraThis series of three parts showing how to build a simple camera body. Same has other tutorials, those are self execute. Download and rename the extension .PPT for .EXE
Camera 1
Camera 2.1
Camera 2.2




Concrete block

Manipulate part body
Basic ST part creation with how to translate and rotate part body (full wp)

 Devitry Challenge

Mark take on the small challenge, from M. Devitry’s presentation

Add symmetric to a part



Questions corner

Blue questions are answer inside the new website bottom left.

Dave question:
I have three parts that i would like to assemble what are my options?  Assemble command

Alan question:
How can i lock the center of a slot to a local reference plane? Mirror

Bob question:
How can i pivot face on this part? Pivot draft faces

Jonathan question:
How can i control the rounds of my tubbing? Round corners

Jeremy question:
How can i  modify the part, after i add too much material? Jeremy question

Bob Question:
How can i  edit my part, ? Part 01   Part 02

Matt Question:
I need to edit a J shape part,  J Part  creation/edition
J Part  creation/edition – update

Jérôme Question:
I need to create a part in the context of the assembly,  Part creation

PLM World convention 2009

PLM World Solid DNA file
PLM World Solid DNA file
PLM World Solid DNA file
PLM World Solid DNA file

PLM World e-newsletter

Conditional formula _EN
Formule conditionelle_FR

Add mouse gesture to Solid Edge – Try this one first video

For those who look foward to migrate to a 3D software, Siemens propose a evolve to 3D approach instead of forcing you into 3D
Evolve step one

Evolve step two

Evolve step three

Evolve step four


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