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Virtual component

2008-12-10 – A more in depth review is post

From a recent comment made on another blog, I receive few hits regarding virtual components. So I figure out that there is some interest in that subject.

First article was a simple introduction, so I decide I should give more exposure to this topic.

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Product structure – Virtual component


In a virtual product structure each component has its virtual representation. Three basic virtual components are available:



  • Virtual assembly
  • Virtual part
  • Virtual Sheet metal part

Each virtual component can have has many representation need.

Product structure – Virtual Components and assembly reports

If the assembly for which you are creating a report contains virtual components, you should always use the Reports command on the Tools menu in the Assembly environment.

When you run the Reports command from Windows Explorer on an assembly that has virtual components, the virtual components will not be contained in the report. If the assembly contains only virtual components, a message may be displayed that states that no parts are in the file.

Product structure – Assigning properties to Virtual Components

When an active document contains a virtual component, you can use the «Property Manager» command to modify existing properties or create new properties for the virtual component.

When you select the property manager command, the property manager dialog box is displayed to allow you to edit property values. Any properties that you cannot edit are disabled and appear in gray.

When you edit a property, if the document containing the property is a managed document, it is checked out to prevent others from making changes. After you edit a property value, the property cell is underlined to indicate that it has been changed.

When you publish the virtual components, the properties you assigned to the virtual components are added to the new documents.

The basic workflow for creating and publishing a virtual assembly is:

  • Define the virtual components you need.
  • clip_image004Add existing documents to the virtual assembly structure.
  • Assign 2D geometry to individual virtual components.
  • Position virtual components.
  • Publish virtual components



Open large assembly

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