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Ever wonder where you could ask questions about Solid Edge?

For those who do not own a solid edge lincense and would like to know more about it or simply ask questions to validate any informations or rumors you heard about Solid Edge;  turn to the solid edge free 2d forum.

It is a free forum  that anyone can  register and get real answers from the Solid Edge community and from those who know the software from the inside,  the Solid Edge development team.

Free 2D

Whether you are using 2D across your company or for a specific 2D design process, Solid Edge 2D Drafting will give you an immediate advantage with production-proven capabilities including drawing layout, Goal Seeking, diagramming, and dimensioning. It is fully compliant with ISO, ANSI, BSI, DIN, JIS and UNI, and it’s absolutely FREE to download and use.

Solid Edge 2D Drafting eases the transition from 2D AutoCAD with import wizards, matched fonts and color schemes, XREF support, paper/model space support and much more. Get up to speed faster with a built-in Command Finder – never look for AutoCAD equilvalent command again.

Solid Edge 2D Drafting requires Windows XP or Vista and now includes the Free Solid Edge Viewer. Make sure you have Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later for the download.

To get your FREE copy of Solid Edge Free 2D Drafting and join the forum

Step 1

Step 2


For other general inquiries visit

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Over the years where I had the chance to work in manufacturing companies, even if the were small and medium in size (commonly know has macine shop), I understand the importance of controling the overall process to get better efficiency.

With a rainy day, I surf the web and take few minutes to look at  Tecnomatix. 

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Solid Edge keynote

Hi all

Did not translate the last post but take a look and use any translator available.

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Solid Edge Synchronous Technology II

Hi everyone

It is now officially launch, the second version of  SEwST II

More to come in the next months

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Multi CAD interoperability

Lately I receive two different kind of email….

One was about the cost of CAD interoperability:

«…Interoperability Costs and Challenges
The costs of product data interoperability issues is difficult to quantify, but is generally regarded as significant.  In 1999, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a study of the U.S. automotive industry, which claimed data-exchange costs were $1 billion per year, and that study involved only the automotive industry.  Imagine what that is now!  The study accounted for tangible costs such as rework or outsourced translation but didn’t include issues related to longer development times or inefficient reuse of files.  In a 2007 CADCAMNet Interoperability Survey, 100% of OEMs indicated that they exchanged 3D CAD data with outsourced engineers but received CAD data in their preferred format only 34% of the time.

With some 66% of 3D CAD files being delivered in a format other than the preferred one, most manufacturing companies are faced with the daunting task of transferring files between dissimilar systems. Many issues affect CAD data exchange and present common challenges.»

If this study reflects in all or in portion your situation, consider Synchronous Technology has one of our tools to overcome those challenges. In those rough times you need to take all the A’s and the wild cards at your disposal.

So while we go thru rough times and companies struggle with making their business more profitable, the other mail was marketing a web series for a CAD software. While taking a quick look at it, I got myself to a point where I ask me this question….Customer centric or Product centric?

Customer centric

It seems that companies who claim to be customer centric, place the customer at the center of their taught. So much at the center, once they became customer they are place inside a paddock where walls of marketing are erect all around to prevent them to look on the other side. Along that they use what is call Branding to associate anything to their product, making customers at the center believe nothing else exist.

One of the latest CAD marketing strategies I saw was some kind of web base TV show to promote their product.

That’s what I a call placing customers at the center.

At some point it seems like the Roman Empire who build stadium to distract the population, to keep it occupied and entertain. This was a way to control the population. In today’s world, stadium has been replaced by TV (Web). A mind that is entertained will virtually stop thinking; this is a strategy that most TV operator has understood to keep us strap to our seat.

Product centric

It seems that companies who claim to be product centric place the product at the center of their thought. So much at the center, the evolution of the product is a priority and it could shake the foundation of what was establish or taken for granted. Since the product is place at the center, there is no reason to erect wall to contain customers, this is one of the main differentiator between customer centric and product centric.

Once the product is at the center they send marketing in order to help discover what this will bring to market and what benefits customers could gain from it.

At some point it seems like Library of Alexandria where knowledge was at the center.

A product centric company will help you keep in sigh your goals or destination.

In between, the neutral zone

A neutral zone exit in between, the use of that neutral zone depend on the philosophy/motivation behind it: Customer or Product centric?

Customer centric likes that zone because it helps them look better. In fact solution they offer may seem to be similar to what product centric companies have. But on a closer look we can spot some difference and some are major. This is where the web TV entertains you instead of informing you.


Next time our attention is divert toward a marketing campaign, think about I am being entertain or I am being inform? If you are being entertained ask you why.

While some other CAD company produce TV web base episode in order to distract and entertain you, Solid Edge ST2 is being prepare to be launch with new and enhance features to help you overcome the challenge of CAD interoperability.

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CNC machining – Good Vibration

Inbox Insights
Good Vibrations
Chatter is self-excited vibration that can keep your machining center from realizing its potential productivity. The solution can be as simple as tuning the process, so that the speed of
the spindle synchronizes with the natural vibration of the system. This video provides a clear illustration of the process. The machine shown here can achieve a much greater metal removal rate at a specific speed—14,144 rpm—than it can at its top speed of 16,000 rpm.

Click here (or the image above) to hear the sound of chatter versus the sound of a stable cut

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Making Estimates in an Uncertain World – Part 1 of 2

It had to come one day…. A blog is a social media so I may sometime write on parallel subject.

Those who read my blog will probably understand that I am pro Solid Edge. I earn my living using this tool. I also start blogging to promote and help peoples discover Solid Edge under a new angle/approach.

Has pro Solid Edge I am, I feel I have some responsibility in regard of those who read me (SE users or not). One of those responsibilities is to promote good decision making at each stage of the process.

When reading stuff like this…

“….. The problems with switching to any of these other brands is that they simply aren’t as good as __________….”

I hope I will not cross that line so clearly, if so send me a note. This responsibility will not prevent me from going out once a while see my article:

Synchronous Technology – Birth of a part (part1)

Again has pro Solid Edge I am, I also preach for a much wider god name: PLM :):):). Under that umbrella we have CAD/CAM/FEA/CEA etc….

I could spread myself for long but let’s start this post with an interesting article…….

 Making Estimates in an Uncertain World – Part 1 of 2

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