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Opening large assembly – Part 1

Opening Large assembly

Depending if you are the team leader for a project or the person just under in charge a group of designer (engineer) or simply the actual designer or the new guy that have to create the detail view (draftsman). You need to have different option when opening Solid Edge project.

Right from the opening we can see great care have been taking to ease the opening of large assembly


Four more options could be use to speed up the opening:

  • Hide all components
  • Load part active or inactive
  • Load part simplify or as design
  • Load assembly simply or as design

At the bottom we have two possibilities:

  • Open a specific volume of the assembly
  • Open a display configuration

Open large assemblyHide all components


When a team works on a project, the team leader needs to load the top assembly to manage the work progress.

He’s main task is to dispatch/spread the work load among engineers.

By loading the top assembly with all parts hidden he is able to navigate thru the structure more rapidly. Then on demand he can load a specific portion of the project.

Open large assemblyApply activation

The engineer responsible for a group of designer may also use the hide function. But since the team leader has dispatched the works he knows which section of the assembly he has to work on.

From my mini structure we see that engineer is at a pivot point.

The engineer main job is to dispatch work to designer and makes sure that things fit together. So at this point he needs to control the mathematical side and visual side.

The activation helps him control the mathematical side.

Open large assemblySimplify part /assembly

Once the engineer has dispatch the workload on the designer, both needs to control the visual aspect of the assembly/part they’ve been assign.

When working with an assembly, it can be useful to work with a simplified version of a complex part. For example, a part that contains numerous rounds chamfers, and holes will process more slowly than a part from which these features have been removed.

The commands in the «Simplify Model» environment allow you to reduce the complexity of a part so that it processes more quickly when used in an assembly. The ultimate goal of part simplification is to reduce the total number of surfaces that make up the part. But keep in mind that others need to  recognize the part even it it is simplify 🙂

clip_image006 clip_image008

When working with a large, complex assembly, it can be useful to work with a simplified version of the assembly. For example, a large assembly with many subassemblies can process slowly. The same has for the parts, assemblies has their own simplify environment. A more detail article will follow later.



Opening large assembly – Part 2

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