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Hole feature

Many ask question on how to control hole in a Synchronous model.

Here a brief overview….

The Hole function works has action/object. So you need to start the function first.


Once activate, Hole align axis normale to the  surface you mouse hover.

Axis of the Hole is lock normal to a planar face using F3 or the lock icon.

Hole_001 video

When activate, a Quickbar give user access to Hole parameters.


Extension define the type of control for the depth:

  • Extension Finite distance
  • Thru all
  • To next

Key point filter


Predefine Hole list

Save predefineThis list is build using the Save buton in the parameters and it can be save on the network  to share with other members of the team. Each project could have their own list.

 + sign is use to add more hole to a predefine sequence.

Small list icon is to define Hole parameters.

Note «save as default» at the bottom, to save the most common Hole you use has the default parameter when command is launch.

Hole parameters 

Hole – TypeHole type

  • (A) simple holes
  • (B) threaded holes
  • (C) tapered holes
  • (D) counterbore holes
  • (E) countersink holes

Hole – Bottom V Bottom V

User decide if the V of the drill will be shown or not and if the V is part or not of the total depth.

Hole – Positioning

Once parameters have been define, has we see in the first video user hover a surface and click to position Hole.

When placing multiple Holes designer use the alignment indicator.

Edge of the part can be use to define an origin and add dimension.

In pure synchronous tradition, once dimension is place and edit, user decide if the reference or the Hole move.

Hole – Edition definition

Edit Hole definition by selecting PMI handle. In the next video we use it to add new Holes to a existing operation.

Hole – Edit position

Edit Hole position using dimensions or Steering wheel.

Using selection manager help select many Holes at once.

If Hole are at odd angle use «User-Defined» from the selection manager.

Hole_002 video


Human love security and comfort.

Many designers have established their comfort zone inside the boundary box of traditional modeling. Their security is build by the use of the same feature day after day, personalize interface etc……

My social role has a blogger is to make sure you extend/change/shift your comfort zone to get more resourceful.

First release of SEwST will asks to think outside our comfort zone while you learn new tools process/workflow.

Has you see with videos in this article the new Hole feature has relatively the same behaviour has in traditional modeling. In that case your comfort zone is only extend, you only have to  get comfortable with that extra liberty space.

2D and 3D sketches are bound together, making easier for users to create reference to apply edition or modification. Feel comfortable using  surfaces also.

Hole_003 video

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