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Made in Solid Edge


Lately, my attention was caught by a strange design, when I notice Made in Solid Edge.

So i would like to share this picture.

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Rename a part in the context of an active assembly

 A question ask  recently:

I work in an assembly and I need to rename a file?  How todo it  without closing my active project?

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StreaManager Enhance Revision Manager functionalities

The objective of StreaManager is to make the daily handling of Solid Edge files quick and easy.

StreaManager consists of three programs:

  • An Add-in for Solid Edge, which records all files, including properties and links in a database
  • A client program that acts as the user interface to database
  • A management program

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Dave’s Question

Dave have a three parts assembly he receive and ask what are his options when it come time to assemble those three parts.

See answer in the Tutorial section:

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PLM Wolrd convention presentation

I have talk about one presentation that i found interesting,

Dora Smith from the Social marketing has put a nice interview with the presenter, so why not share with you this interview….

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Update – Multiple Solutions

Check at the bottom of the article

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New file in the tutorial section

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Multiple solutions

I do not intend or pretend to resolve all problems with this article, but if I can give you some good guidelines to develop good practices, the travel will be less chaotic

The mysterious case of Multiple Solutions

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Virtual component a more indepth look

From a recent comment made on another blog, I receive few hits regarding virtual components. So I figure out that there is some interest in that subject.

First article was a simple introduction, so I decide I should give more exposure to this topic.

Follow the link………


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Assembly Relationship Assistant

In a perfect world, once parts are place in an assembly, we shouldn’t have to touch relations. Moving parts around, software’s should understand the new intention and adjust the type, the distance and the orientation of any relations. On top of that constraint should been applied to the correct faces.


Follow the lead…

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Flash Fit

Flash Fit concept.

Flash Fit try to replicate the process of our brain when placing part.

When we hold an object, our brain process geometry and send informations to our hand to move/rotate so we can align two parts to make them fit together.

Like Keanu Reeve in the Matrix who see things in term of 0 and 1




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Simplify parts in HD

Title say pretty much all.

Why not click and see.

Your monitor and connection allow HD resolution watch in 1280×720.

Top right corner of the video there is four buttons use it and spread the word

Simplify parts

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Been there done that


Here a quicklook at few options available in draft

Large assembly – draft

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Been there done that

PathFinder options

Options in the Pathfinder help teamwork being organize.

Pathfinder options

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Been there done that

Select Tools and queries

Two new parts, regarding large assembly management, but those one could be use in a day to day work.

Select Tools


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Been there done that

Opening large assembly

Two new parts, regarding large assembly management.

Opening large assembly – Part 1

Opening large assembly – Part 2


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Been there done that

Large assembly

Solidworks 2009 rollout go on, new features continue to flow. With new BOM functionnality in assembly I focus my last article on tools and functions we had to manage properties inside Solid Edge.

My attention this week was the speed pack. With titles like «Decimate de weak» in preparation to the new version and «SolidWorks 2009 Unleashed. New Features, Killer Performance.».

Face with Roman Empire my blog that look like small Gaulish village may face extinction…..

Ho!! wait is that magic potion.. don’t think so just pure solid DNA :):):)

Working on large assembly is a state of mind. Before anything, you need to commit to your assembly. If you are not willing to commit yourself no matter what, functions, tools or options; you will hit the wall and try to find workaround. Discipline and management are two important ingredients.

For those who are ready to play in the big league Solid Edge is ready….

“Process before technique, manage before action” will take all its meaning when dealing with large dataset.

So what Solid Edge has to offer in this field?

Last article was little bit long….so for this one I have split in smaller one (around eight that i will post this week)

Leave comment if you prefer long or short article.

Express yourself in detail with the yahoo group…..

So let’s start…..

Been there done that – Product Structure

Been there done that – Virtual component

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