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Check out this Solid Edge customer background

Checkout this website, background images were design in Solid Edge ST2, you know the old technology from last year ;-).

Get ready to see more out of ST4, looks like new stuff will be announced in May or June this year

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Made in Solid Edge


Lately, my attention was caught by a strange design, when I notice Made in Solid Edge.

So i would like to share this picture.

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MDI compress air car

Looking for a new car, compress air car are now a reality and Solid Edge is part of the development

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Space invader…..

Yep  aliens have plan to attack earth one more time. May be this is in preparation for 2012….

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Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology award

Designnews .com  post  a news about SEwST winning the Golden Mousetrap award

“…While the merits of history-free vs. history-based or parametric CAD systems have been debated for years, 2009 was the year vendors made huge strides in bridging the benefits of both modeling technologies in one product. Perhaps no 3-D CAD company did as much to advance the trend as Siemens PLM Software with the introduction of Synchronous Technology, its next-generation modeling approach…”

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Bill McClure, Dan Staples Get CAD Society Leadership Award

Bill McClure, Dan Staples Get CAD Society Leadership Award

DENVER, CO, Apr 10, 2009 – The CAD Society today announced that Bill McClure and Dan Staples, from Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge software team, are joint winners of the CAD Society’s 2009 Leadership Award.

The CAD Society Awards acknowledge the contributions made by individuals that have affected and developed the CAD, engineering, manufacturing and architecture software industries. The Leadership award is presented for outstanding technical and business leadership in the CAD industry, and focus and dedication to the needs of CAD users.

Both Bill McClure and Dan Staples have been behind the CAD system known as Solid Edge since it started as an R&D project in 1993. Then owned by Intergraph, Solid Edge started life as ‘Project Jupiter’ and demonstrated some highly innovative ideas in 3D, well before 3D on a PC was mainstream. The software was sold to UGS in 1998, with both Bill and Dan staying on the Solid Edge team as both its strategic and development leaders.


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Québec Talent

Québec talent get honnor in a north american competition.

The Mars “patenteux” get the honnors years after years in a competiton where thirty team compete. 

A nice windows for the those future engineers of the agribusiness department

Real projects

«…..Dans le cadre de leur formation, les étudiants en génie agricole, qui trouveront ensuite du travail dans la conception de bâtiments, de systèmes d’irrigation ou d’équipements agricoles, doivent réaliser un projet concret.

“Nous prenons contact avec des producteurs agricoles confrontés à des problèmes techniques dans leur exploitation. Nous envoyons nos étudiants pour qu’ils analysent les besoins du producteur et ils reviennent ensuite pour travailler sur des solutions. On ne peut pas trouver des solutions entre quatre murs, il faut aller sur le terrain”

Explique le professeur Khelifi.

C’est ainsi que par le passé, des machines pour récolter l’if, pour laver les légumes ou encore pour épandre de la chaux dans les érablières ont été conçues et dessinées par Les étudiants. À la fin du projet, les dessins sont remis au producteur qui verra s’il souhaite I ou non faire construire ladite machine. On peut en effet comprendre que les ressources et le temps disponibles au département ne permettent pas de fabriquer la machine…..» 

Encourage the talents of tomorrow solving today’s challenges visit the site of the ” faculté des sciences de l’agriculture  et de l’alimentation” faculty of sciences of agriculture and food

You have a project, contact Khelifi, Mohamed, perhaps on their way to the competiton they could stop by and fix things.

Or directly by mail

Visit the site of Ultrac team

Of check the picture

Read the article, it is in french but at least check the pictures 🙂

 Page couverture
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 10
Page 11
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