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SEwST 2 keynote detail – hole alignment

This next article highlight one of the command see at PLM world, Hole alignment. This command came from a workflow develop under ST1 that make its way into a single command for ST2

When placing holes users do not always take time to place them at the exact final position. In fact in many case, it’s prefer to place hole near their final position to evaluate the concept, then refine/precise your intention.

Image sans titre


So how can Solid Edge help you in that situation?

If I’m not mistaken, this will be one of the new relations found under the relate command. Coplanar axis


First let’s review what is the Relate command?

Modifies the position and orientation of one or more selected faces so that they are geometrically related to a target face on the part. You can use the options on QuickBar to specify how you want the selected face to be geometrically related with the target face. For example, you can use the Coincident option to specify that the selected face (A) be made coincident (coplanar) to a target face (B) you select on the model




You can use the Persist option to specify that the relationship is maintained if you modify the model later. For example, if you use the steering wheel to rotate either of the related faces later, the faces will remain coplanar. When you set the Persist option, the persisted relationship is added to the Relationships collection in PathFinder.



So the related command can be seen like a geometric constraint found in a 2D sketcher but apply in 3D. Those 3D relations can be persistent to maintain design intent.

You can read one of the previous articles to get more info


So how Hole alignment work?

So has told previously, this command came from a workflow develop under ST1. Since ST2 will not be available tomorrow, you can still get use to the command by following this tutorial. This way when ST2 knock at your door you will have a step head.

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