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Introduction training to FEA

Thank to Mark Burhop who point out this link to a introduction training about FEA

“…The course offers excellent guidance on how to assess and plan the task of carrying out a structural analysis using FEA. A clear understanding of the objectives of each analysis is vital and a road map for achieving this is presented. A review of the tradeoff between available resource and analysis methodology is given…”

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Solid Edge Simulation – PLM world 2010

Mark Burhop , the Virtual, Social and Simulaton guy at Siemens PLM Software, share he’s powerpoint presentation of PLM world 2010 about the Simulation package



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Solid Edge simulation

PLM world is comming in few months ( end of May), here a refresh of what was present last year, when simulation was introduce.

For this year, Mark Burhop would like to have your insight prior to get to this year PLM conference. This way he could show you stuff you would like to see.

He also would like to have people interested by the product, to be present for a round table and discuss future developement of the product.

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Solid Edge Simulation – We have made contact

New post from Mark Burhop give us a quick look at the contact solver inside Solid Edge Simulation

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Synchronous Technology used for Analysis and Optimization

No need to add more text simply follow the link

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Solid Edge Simulation

One of the new module introduce in ST2 is the Simulation module. This extend the family of product in that field.

The simulation in the velocity series include three modules:

  • Solid Edge simulation Express (FEMAP Express)
  • Solid Edge simulation

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