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Got an idea for a blog subjet….

This page is dedicated to visitor who has request on a prticular subject.


Need trainning on Solid Edge or related subject, send request or use.


  1. Hello. Im wondering, if 64-bit solid edge will open parts made with 32 bit Solid Edge? ST5, 32-bit user, but running low on memory sometimes. I had 64-bit, but had to switch due to Standard Parts (it runs only with 32-bit). I have built up my library for Standard parts I need in 32-bit, but im afraid they wont open, if I switch to 64-bit.
    Thanks in advance,


    Comment by Peter | 10 December 2014 | Reply

  2. Hi
    All of the examples of patterened proceedural features I have seen so far have been round patterns. How does ST deal with rectangular patterns and how good is it at recognizing them in imported parts.
    Many thanks

    Solid DNA
    See pattern

    Comment by Roger Reid | 19 July 2008 | Reply

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