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Pathfinder options

Document name formula

When assembly three contain a lot of entries and part file are name according to the P/N. The pathfinder could give hard time to find the part we looking for. To help have a better feedback in the product tree you can define a formula that will show in the product tree.


Use predefines properties or simply enter custom name between bracket.

In the picture below material was use i nthe fomula name.

clip_image004 clip_image006


Show status

Remember the status in the part properties

Look closely at the icon in the pathfinder, without any extra software it is possible to have a quicklook at the file status.

Those status make possible to work  with as many designer has their is part in the assembly. The only thing  Solid Edge does not provide is the discipline need to achieve this kind of work, but technicly the software is ready to enable teamwork.

This is another reason why you should attend trainning with your reseller. To become acquitance with those techniques and procedures.

Since many peoples could work on a project at once it could happend that two peoples open the same top level. A warning message will ask you what to do.

In that case i have “Invité” the engineer in charge of the project working on the top assembly and asking me to open that same assembly to work on a particular part. Click OK , assembly open, then i have acess to my part.

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