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Steering Wheel basics

One of the fundamental tool inside the Synchronous Technology, is the steering wheel.

In this article you will explore the steering wheel basics

The steering wheel is an important element of the Synchronous design, it help you move and orient surfaces of your model.

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ST2 Steering wheel

New release of synchronous technology introduce new behavior and layout for the steering wheel.

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Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology award

Designnews .com  post  a news about SEwST winning the Golden Mousetrap award

“…While the merits of history-free vs. history-based or parametric CAD systems have been debated for years, 2009 was the year vendors made huge strides in bridging the benefits of both modeling technologies in one product. Perhaps no 3-D CAD company did as much to advance the trend as Siemens PLM Software with the introduction of Synchronous Technology, its next-generation modeling approach…”

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SEwST 2 keynote detail – Live Rules

Live Rules panel

Hi everyone new information on what’s new for ST2

For many who initiate themselves to ST one of the biggest challenge was to master the use of Live Rules.


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SEwST 2 keynote detail-Persistent symmetry and other

In the first release of Synchronous Technology symmetry was recognize by  Live Rules when the part was model around the main plane.

If symmetry was need in a offset position we had to use the manual symmetry place in the advance Live Rules.

ST2 enhance the symmetry capability.

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PLM World presentation file

I add another file tutorial from my presentation at the PLM World.

This will probably interest users and non solid edge users, has i show a part create in a linear way and non-linear way.

Visit the tutorials section

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Linear or non-linear modeling that’s the question?

Recent discussion got my attention and i would like to add my 2 cents to the pot:

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Solid Edge keynote

Translation from my French blog……

So here the first presentation (2008-06-01) for the next Solid Edge release.

“Solid Edge keynote” with Dan Staples also there where 3- 4 other presentations.

At this point i have raw information’s, didn’t have time to format, but this will give you a good idea of the direction for this release


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Solid Edge keynote

Hi all

Did not translate the last post but take a look and use any translator available.

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PLM user summit officially open

Hi all

It is now official, the user summit is open

Other bloggers here will use english so i will probably use my french version of the blog to post. From time to time i will send english post.

First official activity is the industry night. Solid Edge will have a special place with

"Solid edge round table"

We have a big schedule, i hope i will be able to post as often has i can.

let’ start with that and see where this lead me.

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Bill McClure, Dan Staples Get CAD Society Leadership Award

Bill McClure, Dan Staples Get CAD Society Leadership Award

DENVER, CO, Apr 10, 2009 – The CAD Society today announced that Bill McClure and Dan Staples, from Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge software team, are joint winners of the CAD Society’s 2009 Leadership Award.

The CAD Society Awards acknowledge the contributions made by individuals that have affected and developed the CAD, engineering, manufacturing and architecture software industries. The Leadership award is presented for outstanding technical and business leadership in the CAD industry, and focus and dedication to the needs of CAD users.

Both Bill McClure and Dan Staples have been behind the CAD system known as Solid Edge since it started as an R&D project in 1993. Then owned by Intergraph, Solid Edge started life as ‘Project Jupiter’ and demonstrated some highly innovative ideas in 3D, well before 3D on a PC was mainstream. The software was sold to UGS in 1998, with both Bill and Dan staying on the Solid Edge team as both its strategic and development leaders.


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Multi CAD interoperability

Lately I receive two different kind of email….

One was about the cost of CAD interoperability:

«…Interoperability Costs and Challenges
The costs of product data interoperability issues is difficult to quantify, but is generally regarded as significant.  In 1999, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a study of the U.S. automotive industry, which claimed data-exchange costs were $1 billion per year, and that study involved only the automotive industry.  Imagine what that is now!  The study accounted for tangible costs such as rework or outsourced translation but didn’t include issues related to longer development times or inefficient reuse of files.  In a 2007 CADCAMNet Interoperability Survey, 100% of OEMs indicated that they exchanged 3D CAD data with outsourced engineers but received CAD data in their preferred format only 34% of the time.

With some 66% of 3D CAD files being delivered in a format other than the preferred one, most manufacturing companies are faced with the daunting task of transferring files between dissimilar systems. Many issues affect CAD data exchange and present common challenges.»

If this study reflects in all or in portion your situation, consider Synchronous Technology has one of our tools to overcome those challenges. In those rough times you need to take all the A’s and the wild cards at your disposal.

So while we go thru rough times and companies struggle with making their business more profitable, the other mail was marketing a web series for a CAD software. While taking a quick look at it, I got myself to a point where I ask me this question….Customer centric or Product centric?

Customer centric

It seems that companies who claim to be customer centric, place the customer at the center of their taught. So much at the center, once they became customer they are place inside a paddock where walls of marketing are erect all around to prevent them to look on the other side. Along that they use what is call Branding to associate anything to their product, making customers at the center believe nothing else exist.

One of the latest CAD marketing strategies I saw was some kind of web base TV show to promote their product.

That’s what I a call placing customers at the center.

At some point it seems like the Roman Empire who build stadium to distract the population, to keep it occupied and entertain. This was a way to control the population. In today’s world, stadium has been replaced by TV (Web). A mind that is entertained will virtually stop thinking; this is a strategy that most TV operator has understood to keep us strap to our seat.

Product centric

It seems that companies who claim to be product centric place the product at the center of their thought. So much at the center, the evolution of the product is a priority and it could shake the foundation of what was establish or taken for granted. Since the product is place at the center, there is no reason to erect wall to contain customers, this is one of the main differentiator between customer centric and product centric.

Once the product is at the center they send marketing in order to help discover what this will bring to market and what benefits customers could gain from it.

At some point it seems like Library of Alexandria where knowledge was at the center.

A product centric company will help you keep in sigh your goals or destination.

In between, the neutral zone

A neutral zone exit in between, the use of that neutral zone depend on the philosophy/motivation behind it: Customer or Product centric?

Customer centric likes that zone because it helps them look better. In fact solution they offer may seem to be similar to what product centric companies have. But on a closer look we can spot some difference and some are major. This is where the web TV entertains you instead of informing you.


Next time our attention is divert toward a marketing campaign, think about I am being entertain or I am being inform? If you are being entertained ask you why.

While some other CAD company produce TV web base episode in order to distract and entertain you, Solid Edge ST2 is being prepare to be launch with new and enhance features to help you overcome the challenge of CAD interoperability.

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New tutorials

Hi all

Two new tutorials are available. 


Change the extension for .exe, when execute it will unzip two files inside a Solid DNA folder. Each of the file are standalone simply execute and follow the instruction.

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CAM Express with ST Speeds CAM Data Prep

Check this link,

NX has a interface refresh, CAM express seem to be in the same line…… next stop why not Solid Edge….

Guessing on the interface is the candy in this article we cross our finger.

To stay in line with tutorials

CAM Express web site

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New discussion raise by Synchronous Technology make me use word/expression that readers may not be familiar with. So I think about building lexis, giving me the chance to define those new words/expressions.

Has an example all solid modeling imply history because they keep track of what you are doing, yes even ST. AutoCAD on the other had has no history. Well if you count undo/redo has a history maybe……

Also traditional modeling does not automatically mean that the design is parametric.

Since Synchronous Technology introduce new paradigm. New thinking come along and gives us the chance to review our way of doing thing.


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Initiate yourself to ST

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Synchronous Technology – Birth of a part (part1)

Talk about  origins that help make parts have a good start in life.

If your the push button type, may be you should wait for the next article.

If you would like to know a little bit more behind pushing button……..

Birth of a new part (part1)

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Synchronous Technology – Personal control

In this post I present additional tools to add a personal touch when it comes time to control your part.

…..”Value add” to part is a fashion concept those day, but what happen when this value force us to sell more than the competition? What if our company has to absorb this value?

How can a designer intervene during the lifecycle without jeopardize the investments made by the organization?…..

Synchronous technology – Personal touch

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Synchronous control

This post will introduce you to tools we have in Synchronous Technology to help you balance flexibility and rigidity to keep the integrity of the modify part when applying unpredicted changes.

 Synchronous control

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