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GrabCad top ten Solid Edge tutorials finalist

Grabcad create a Solid Edge tutorials contest and here the top ten finalists:

Marek with “Solid Edge Frame Tutorial

Grant Holohan with “How to Link an excel file to a solid-edge part

Suraj Mal with “Tutorial on modeling Tennis Ball

Sudhir Gil with “Tutorial on modeling spark plug

David Nelson with “How to Make and Assemble a Pillow Block

Andreas Gkertsos with “How to Create a 3D Curve in SolidEdge

Edison Phoenix with “How to Create a Word on a Cylinder

Abre with “Simple Simulation Tutorial

Hendy with “How to Make a Simple Spring in Solid Edge

Cemal Uslu with “How to Model an Apple Device Dock in Solid Edge


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Solid Edge and the DIY market

Sometimes when surfing on the web you make nice discovery….

  • When someone speaks loud about free 2D  to make noise, Solid Edge already have quietly deploy their Solid Edge Free 2D all over the place.
  • While others speak about next cloud applications, Siemens already offer their Community collaboration as part of the Teamcenter  portfolio.
  • So when I heard about some CAD company looking for new market in the  DIY community,  I found this…….DIY 1:8 offroad car and this MeCCR V »

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