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Auto dimension

In one of my past article I mention that designers should take full advantage of automation place inside Solid Edge to help them in their day to day work.

Auto dimension is one of them.

Auto dimension

In traditional mode you can access the settings box thru the intellisketch options.

  • In sketch mode, Tools tab, Assistants group, Intellisketch

In traditional when sketching an icon is available Icon

In synchronous file

  • Sketching tab, Intellisketch group, at the bottom right, a symbol give access to intellisketch options.

First check mark is to make it on/off. Then user can set if dimension are place when geometry is drawn or when value is keying.

Auto dimension – Video

Next options help decide what happen if geometry place result in a over define sketch (too much dimensions).

User can decide between «no dimension creation» to avoid too much information on the screen OR add  «reference dimension» that can be use later in a formula.

At anytime if «no dimensions» option is select user can add dimensions manually.

Dimension style mapping, let introduce this rapidly:

Specifies that you want to use the element-to-style mapping table to determine the format of dimensions, annotations, connectors, symbols, and views as you place objects that use these styles.

Here’s smal extra…

Text projection

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