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Inventor fusion or AutoCAD revisit?

I wasn’t sure if I should write about Inventor fusion. Then Technology Preview was available so why not take  a sneak peak at it and see what this first preview can offer.

My first impression, it give me the déjà vu impression. We are in a AutoCAD world, without all the icons, toolbar and functionalities… except for the multi body operation.

Like Paul Hamilton write, uniting both world has been already done. What I suspect, is that internally Autodesk has start unite (fusion) their technologies to form a single platform for all their products. Like Volkswagen have few chassis for their entire line of car.  Let’s remember back when inventor was introduce, Autodesk has many platform, many version of DWG, mechanical desktop, IPT  etc……..

So back to Fusion… when you open the program, their is no mention of part or sheet metal or assembly, just an empty space.

Without going to much in detail you create body in space.

To create those bodies you push/pull on region. Notice the “Boolean Options”. This is where you specify if you Add, Subtract, Intersect or create a new body.

IFTP1_001 IFTP1_002

Once you have create multiple bodies, the structure of the project will look like this.


Then you create new components where you will be able to drag body. Here body one is drag into component two.

IFTP1_004 IFTP1_005

And so on, components can be drag into another component.



Guess what, until I write this phrase i didn’t have save any work…. The save is a .DWG file. This seem to confirm that Inventor fusion is base on Autocad scheme but with today inventor flavor.

Here the “save as” box that offer more file type.



This give you a good overview of what is Inventor fusion. I do not want to go depther for this Technology Preview    has many things does not seem to be finish (other blogger specialize in autodesk product will probably disect it more). But one feeling I have after playing around, it was  if I had a tennis ball in my hand and apply pressure on it and try to work all day like this. Many functions require to hold down the mouse button to get to your command. Imagine working all day like this, be prepare to muscle those forearm and wrist

 To conclude this, have you read those articles it re-inforce the déjà vu impression….

This Inventor/AutoCAD fusion is similar ( for it base) to virtual component technology build inside Solid Edge. What’s new to them have been initiate in Solid Edge for few release.  Should we call Synchronous Technology Fusion when virtual component will be synchronize??? ( sorry this one was easy to make door was wide open)

I estimate that product shown in the Autodesk labs seem to take around one year to be send to production, So this preview technology maybe available for 2011 product or 2012 in worst case scenario. By then Solid Edge will be at its third release of Synchronous Technology.

Now that i have a step back,with all that new information, it seem that pieces have been place on the chessboard. Battle field is now know. Only one player  seem to hide it’s cards Solidworks.


There is one thing I would like to correct since I got my had on this preview, I write once that it seem like they keep sketch attach to the solid. this is not the case. I was able to erase a sketch once the body is create. If my memory serve me well, this in the  philosophy of AutoCAD also.

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