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PLM world Newsletter

A new PLM world newsletter is out, visit

Aly PLM have Lunch bytes few time ago, may be you would like to look at them

For those who like to read stuff, here a PDF  for the Radial menu.

Radial menu english

Menu Radial français

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Solid Edge ST3 – Preview

First teaser available for Solid Edge ST3 It show the possibility to customize the Ribbon

Contextual menu of the Ribbon get new options:

  • Customize the Ribbon
  • Ribbon Themes


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Mouse gesture inside SE

It is look like someone manage to make mouse gesture work inside Solid Edge…..

In case you have some interest on the subject, here a link  feel free to add any comment pointing to similar application

While we are on the subject of mouse gesture ( once you view the video pay a visit to


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Solid Edge tips

Quick look at visualization tools available in Solid Edge, making  your life easier.

 Visit my youtube portal

I am in the process of transfering video from vimeo to youtube while the transfer is complete visit:

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SEwST interface +

In the last article about the interface, I didn’t cover everything and some have been cover quickly.

Some are basic to SE users or at least for those who use their two and. For those who do not use SE it will be a nice introduction to the ergonomics place inside the software that do not catch the eyes on first look.

The first one’s I would like to review are the visualization Tools……


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SEwST Interface

Curious or disturbe by the new Interface.

Take few minutes to get familiar with and learn the basic.

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