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ST2 Steering wheel

New release of synchronous technology introduce new behavior and layout for the steering wheel.


On the left Steering wheel in ST1 on the right ST2

Major difference, steering wheel torus is now coplanar with the primary axis.

Secondary knob is now locate at the tip of the seconsary axis.

image image

Progressive exposure concept

In ST2, To reflect the fact that model editing often requires only the linear movement of one or more model faces, the concept of progressive exposure of the steering wheel has been implemented.

When face is select primary axis and origin knob are display.


When you complete the synchronous move, steering wheel components are fully display.


Having the steering wheel torus place coplanar with the primary axis, make the torus ready to rotate the select face has it is place perpendicular to the select face. To set the rotation axis around an edge, click the origin knob then the edge.

image image

If you need to Rotate the face around a vertical axis, click the secondary knob and pivot the secondary axis to snap at 90 deg.


Next click the Steering wheel torus to initiate rotation around secondary axis.


Here a quick chart of steering wheel components.


In the progressive display logic, a second type of steering wheel layout is available. It is call 2D steering wheel


This steering wheel is intent to be display for element where 2D manipulation is best suit.

  • Cylindrical faces
  • Holes
  • Patterns
  • Sheet metal thickness faces
  • Procedural features, such as dimples and drawn cutouts

When select select a circular face or hole, 2D steering wheel will be display.image image

To access all steering wheel components, click the origin knob.


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