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Solid Edge University Agenda 2012

To anyone wondering if you should attend the Solid Edge University take a look at those links provide by Susan Cinadr.

The agenda is start getting populate

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Solid Edge and the DIY market

Sometimes when surfing on the web you make nice discovery….

  • When someone speaks loud about free 2D  to make noise, Solid Edge already have quietly deploy their Solid Edge Free 2D all over the place.
  • While others speak about next cloud applications, Siemens already offer their Community collaboration as part of the Teamcenter  portfolio.
  • So when I heard about some CAD company looking for new market in the  DIY community,  I found this…….DIY 1:8 offroad car and this MeCCR V »

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Solidedging video

Latest blog addition in the Solid Edge ecosystem, Dave Ault with Solidedging, show us a video of 12 minutes on how he use Solid Edge St3 to edit real life part.

Yes you have read write, A REAL LIFE PART, work in Solid Edge.

How many times i have heard “Hey I do real life design” not some sort of gimmick demo part. Well for those who  think that real life parts are design only on their software watch Dave in action.

Warning: This is not a marketing contest with bells and whistle and bikini babe. Just a plain video showing a part being edit with Solid Edge ST3

Have a great weekend all, next stop ST4 event

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Solid Edge ST4 preview


Some details are starting to filter about the next Solid Edge version.

But before going into the details,…. the best place to get info.

If you own a Solid Edge license, I invite you to subscribe to the forums and join the Solid Edge community online.

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Solid Edge ST3 – Using “Hybrid” Modeling for Design Freedom

Title: What’s New in Solid Edge ST3 – Using “Hybrid” Modeling for Design Freedom
Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM PST


Solid Edge ST3 lets the user design with synchronous and ordered features in a single part or assembly.

We’ll help you understand when to use traditional (ordered) modeling, and when it is easier to use synchronous technology for accelerated design, easy imported design reuse, and flexible editing.

  • Is it simple to move traditional features to synchronous while preserving workflows?
  • When is it faster to use Synchronous features?
  • How can I easily handle imported 2D or 3D data?

Who Should Attend? Managers, Engineering Directors, Designers – professionals involved with optimizing the design process of 3D parts or assemblies.

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PLM world Newsletter

A new PLM world newsletter is out, visit

Aly PLM have Lunch bytes few time ago, may be you would like to look at them

For those who like to read stuff, here a PDF  for the Radial menu.

Radial menu english

Menu Radial français

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Solid Edge ST3 webinar


What’s New in Solid Edge ST3 – Synchronous Technology

November 16, 2 PM (Eastern)

In this first of a three part webinar series, we will show the fulfillment
of our vision of synchronous technology.  If you are struggling with
creating innovative products while answering your customers’ needs, take a look
at the future of 3D CAD design in the latest release of  Solid Edge
ST3.  In just a few minutes, we’ll show you a better way to design:

  • Accelerate design creation by eliminating design pre-planning
  • Get faster ECO edits by eliminating model regeneration
  • Improve imported reuse by leveraging imported 2D or 3D data

You may also register now for parts II and III:

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Solid Edge ST3 released to manufacturing on 10/01/2010

Solid Edge ST3 released to manufacturing on 10/01/2010. Solid Edge ST3 will be delivered automatically to customers covered by a Maintenance Contract. Based on current schedules, English maintenance kits should start shipping globally mid to late October and should be finished by the end of November 2010.

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Enlarge your render capabilities

At the very beginning we had the ability to do basic rendering.

With few options……

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Siememens PLM Productivity Summit PowerPoint

Near 300 slides of PowerPoint presentation about Solid Edge, hours of fun to put on your bedside table 🙂

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Ken Grundey part 4 of ST3 preview

Blogger Ken Grundey who is on the beta program, gave us it’s fourth review base on Dan Staples keynote at the PLM world.

Solid Edge ST3 – Part 1 of 4

New radial menu and new interface  feature

Solid Edge ST3 – Part 2 of 4 – Part, Sheet Metal, …

Solid Edge ST3 – Post 3 of 4

Few assembly stuff

Solid Edge ST3 – Post 4 of 4


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Part Three of ST3 new stuff from Ken Grundey

Ken give  us another good preview about what new in ST3.

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New stuff on Ken Grundey’s Blog

Ken Grundey highlights few more new features for Solid Edge ST3 on his blog

P.S. Mark he got better picture then my hand draw concept 🙂

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ST3 undress itself a little bit more.

Presentation of few enhancements of ST3, made my Dan Staples took about 2 hours. It will not be that easy to report all of this in details.

Note those are only a brief overview of new features in ST3.

Note that SEwST3 just start the beta program phase. Few lucky beta customers have or will make a first contact over the next weeks with ST3 in the Siemens office.

Info in this post may change or be modifying, when the final product will be delivered, it is planned to ship the software around October.

Some pictures in this post are mock-up made from ST2 by Solid DNA to help represent some concepts.

Happy Reading

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Solid Edge ST3 – Preview

First teaser available for Solid Edge ST3 It show the possibility to customize the Ribbon

Contextual menu of the Ribbon get new options:

  • Customize the Ribbon
  • Ribbon Themes


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