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Multiple BOM

Solid Edge has the capacity to manage more than one BOM per draft.

Global Concept

  • Since V16 a new concept was introduce « Active BOM »
  • There is a hidden table created that contains all the information for proper control of item numbers on the balloons

Hidden part list

  • In a draft where more than one BOM coexist, there is always a « Master BOM » and a « reference BOM »

Hidden part list

Each time a reference is insert in the draft the hidden part list is create, user do not have access to this information directly.

BOM Master

We can found more than one Master BOM per draft file.

BOM master – Create

1. Launch the BOM creationPartlist icon

2. Click on the view that will be reference by the BOM

3. Make sure « Link to active » is deactivateInactive List

4. accept

Video 01 

Reference BOM

Reference BOM is link to another BOM so they can exchange data.

Reference BOM – Create

1. Select the master BOM

2. In the contextual menu choose « Make active »

3. Launch the creation of a new BOMPartlist icon

4. Make sure the option « link to active is activate » Active List

5. Accept

Video 02


Once the BOM structure is establish next step will be to place Balloon.

Remember that when SE place balloon, there are referencing the active BOM.

To place Balloon link to a BOM :

1. Select the master BOM

2. In the contextual menu chose « Make Active »

3. Start the balloon operation (manual or automatic)

4. Make sure « Link to part list » is activateLink to

5. Place the necessary balloon.

Video  03

This image give the general map of how information is structure.


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