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Simplify parts

Like DNA structure is compose of proteine ( i simplify a little bit), 3D parts are compose from a long list of features.

Features create chain of operations who then create parts. Those are regroup to form assemblies, those will become a part of complexe product structure.

Perfect receipe for large assembly.

To keep optimal performances designers has to interveine on the genes of the assembly.

One tool at the disposal of the designer «Simplify Part»

Simplify model

Simplify mode help processes parts more quickly when used in an assembly.

To activate the simplify mode:

SE Traditional » tools » model

Pathfinder simplify

Simplify tools

Simplift tools2

Simplift tools1

Simplift tools3

In the simplify mode you will use the same tools has if you were modeling a part with the goal of reducing the number or faces an edges.

Let’s start with three basic tool:

  • Region
  • Holes
  • Rounds

Simplify parts – Region

Allow user to define boundary around surfaces in order to:

  • Remove faces from a design model to make design changes.
  • Simplify a model in the Simplify Model environment so that it processes faster when used in an assembly.
  • Remove faces from a construction body

Simplify parts – Holes

Allow user to deleted complete cylindrical or conical faces

Simplify parts – Rounds

Allow users to delete partial cylindrical or conical faces

Video 1 – Simplify part

Simplify parts – Faces

Allow user to delete face;

  • Single selection
  • Chain
  • By feature

Video 2 – Simplify part

Each simplify representation of a part cans be save as….

Save as

It will also allow designer to protect the intellectual property of a design by limiting the information that is distribute.

When we talk about good/best practices, designers should train on a regular basic with those tools.

Many people ask for tips and tricks to help them.

Few exist, tips and tricks is only a matter of developing and maintain an healthy open CAD mind.


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