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Select tools

Select tools

clip_image002Selection is another aspect of working with large assembly.

Numerous tools are provide inside the assembly environment.

Selection Box

By drawing a 3D box around a single part, user can select parts locate in a specific volume around the selected part.

Select All Identical Parts

Once a part or a series of part are selected, user can select all identical part that match the selection

Select Subassembly Parts

Selects all the parts in multiple occurrences of the same subassembly as the selected part. For example, if you select part P1.par in subassembly S1.asm;1, then click the «Select Subassembly Parts» button, part P1.par in subassembly S1.asm;2 would also be selected. If part P1.par also exists in the top level assembly, A1.asm, that occurrence of part P1.par would not be selected.

Select Small Parts

Displays a slider so you can dynamically select a set of parts based on their size. This can be useful when you want to hide all the small parts, such as fasteners, in an assembly.

Select Visible Parts

Selects parts that are fully or partially visible in the active window at its current view orientation. For example, if a part is not hidden, but you are zoomed in so that it is not displayed in the active window, the part will not be selected.

Select Parts Constrained To

Selects parts that are constrained to one or more previously selected parts. This option is available after you select one or more parts. This can make it easier to perform operations on a related set of parts. For example, you can select a set of parts constrained to a part, then use the Show Only option to hide the remaining parts in the assembly

Edit Definition

Allow user to edit the definition of the part in the assembly.

Select Option

clip_image004Once the selection of part(s) is done user have a series of options right in the contextual menu.

Scroll to part

In a complex assembly, the Scroll to Part command allows you to quickly determine which subassembly contains a selected part






  1. once when i change the file status from available to obsolete again it can’t be changed from obsolete to available and when ever it opens it is in read only mode.

    Comment by Prasad | 22 December 2014 | Reply

    • Once obsolete the status cannot be revert, you have to do a “save as” under a new name and perform a replace. That will reset the status to available.

      Comment by soliddna | 29 November 2015 | Reply

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