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Solid Edge Simulation – PLM world 2010

Mark Burhop , the Virtual, Social and Simulaton guy at Siemens PLM Software, share he’s powerpoint presentation of PLM world 2010 about the Simulation package



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Presentations from the PLM World Conferences

Looking for more informations, PLM world give access to presentation material to PLM members

Become a member is free what are you waiting for…..

Last minute note:
You must have attended the conference to get the current years conference presentations.  After a year, then they’re available to all Citizens

What is curreently available:

  • Presentations from Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2009
  • Presentations from Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2008
  • Presentations from UGS Connections 2007
  • Presentations from PLM University 2006
  • Presentations missing from the 2005 Conference CD
  • Presentations missing from the 2004 Conference CD
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    Who said cool stuff could not be made in ST

    From the PLM world, meet M. John Devitry a passionate teacher who open the minds of his students using Synchonous Technology.


    From John Banquer reply i add this little survey

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    Solid Edge user conference US Regional and Québec :-)

    Folks at Siemens from the Velocity group are planning user conference for the Solid Edge product.

    Il y as même une réunion de prévue pour le Québec si vous êtes intéressé envoyé moi un courriel à, avec dans le sujet “conférence des utilisateurs Solid Edge”

    Version Francophone



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    PLM World conference 2010

    New Ways to Save in Dallas, TX

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    PLM World Announces

    Our thoughts are with those impacted by the devastating floods in Nashville, Tennessee and the PLM World board has decided to “relocate” our Siemens PLM Connection user group conference to Dallas on June 27- July 2.  The overwhelming feedback from you, the user community, was to continue to have the conference this year and preferably in the next several months.  We are very pleased to announce that we have set a new date and location for the upcoming Siemens PLM Connection 2010 event:

    Where:  Dallas, TX
    When:  27 June – 2 July 2010

    After looking for other event sites in Nashville during the same time, we were encouraged by the Nashville tourism office to go elsewhere because of the sustained damage, cleanup and needed reconstruction effort.  We are currently in the final stages of signing the contract with the hotel in Dallas and will let you know early next week once the contract is in place with the exact details. Your registration will be maintained but you’ll need to rebook your hotel which will be on the site once we announce the venue. In addition, we are also allowing you to transfer your registration to another person if scheduling is an issue.

    Please watch for another communication early next week.

    Thanks again for your support.

    PLM World

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    Solid Edge simulation

    PLM world is comming in few months ( end of May), here a refresh of what was present last year, when simulation was introduce.

    For this year, Mark Burhop would like to have your insight prior to get to this year PLM conference. This way he could show you stuff you would like to see.

    He also would like to have people interested by the product, to be present for a round table and discuss future developement of the product.

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    Siemens PLM Connection 2010 Users Conference – Registration is now open

    Registration is now open! Take advantage of our Early Bird registration ($150 discount) by registering before April 11th.

    PLM connection>Registration Information

    If your company is planning on sending 9 or more people to the conference, make sure to also take advantage of our group registration, which is only available during Early Bird registration.

    >Group Registration Information

    You can find up to date information on our conference event site, including agenda updates, keynote speakers, training schedules, and PLM World partner information. Our 2010 training schedule has now posted so make sure to take a look today!

    >Training Information

    Register today and secure your place at the most rewarding event of the year!


    For questions please email Kati Kenyon at

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    Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2010

    Nashville, TN May 24-27
    Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2010

    Last Week to Submit Abstracts!


    Last Week to Submit Abstracts
    PLM World is looking for Siemens PLM Software Users to present at this years annual conference in Nashville. We are eager to develop our technical agenda this year, and excited to see what people are working on in the office. If your abstract is accepted, you will receive FREE admission to the conference!
    Submit an Abstract

    Registration for Siemens PLM Connection Opening in February
    It is time to start planning for Siemens PLM Connection 2010. We have preliminary information regarding this years conference on the web on our registration pages. Online registration will be opening in mid-February for all PLM World Members.

    For more information on PLM World please visit our website at

    For more information on Siemens PLM Connection 2010 please visit our event site at

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    SEwST 2 keynote detail – hole alignment

    This next article highlight one of the command see at PLM world, Hole alignment. This command came from a workflow develop under ST1 that make its way into a single command for ST2

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    Last PLM file presentation

    Hi All

    See the tutorials section for the last file relate to my presentation.

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    SEwST 2 keynote detail-Persistent symmetry and other

    In the first release of Synchronous Technology symmetry was recognize by  Live Rules when the part was model around the main plane.

    If symmetry was need in a offset position we had to use the manual symmetry place in the advance Live Rules.

    ST2 enhance the symmetry capability.

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    Linear or non-linear modeling that’s the question?

    Recent discussion got my attention and i would like to add my 2 cents to the pot:

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    Solid Edge Simulation

    One of the new module introduce in ST2 is the Simulation module. This extend the family of product in that field.

    The simulation in the velocity series include three modules:

    • Solid Edge simulation Express (FEMAP Express)
    • Solid Edge simulation
    • FEMAP

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    PLM Wolrd convention presentation

    I have talk about one presentation that i found interesting,

    Dora Smith from the Social marketing has put a nice interview with the presenter, so why not share with you this interview….

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    SEwST 2 keynote – sketch

    Did not had much time to post while at the user conference so after driving 20 hrs back home and a good weekend of sleep. I have some free time to post more details. Watch for new articles in the next couple of days

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    PLM connection 2009

    For those who wonder if attend the even worth it, i would say yes.

    Some peoples will argue that i will provide free information on my blog about the next release so why going there.

    First some information i provide may be related to something see at the user conference, most of those who did not attend would not be able to relate this information  to something.

    Second peoples will ask questions on new features, i do not have all the answers. Attend the conference give you access to those who write the code. Some minor correction could also be done at the beta stage. Or ask new stuff for ST3, you will be there to justify your demand and demonstrate your point.

    Third it will give you the possibility to plan the implementation of the next release, of course for smaller company the impact is less then a company with hundred of seats. But planning and managing is the key to success. Proactive company get more success then those who are re-active.

    Fourth networking, who in those wrought times could refuse the opportunity to meet potential customers or suppliers.  I saw many active discussion and some report going out for a business lunch.

    User presentation, if your a passive person who seat there and watch you will probably miss a lot of information’s, but if you pay good attention and get involve in the presentation you will understand that good and valuable information are available. One of the presentation i love was the one before mine from Brian Hara of Industrial Control.

    You also see how the world is small, I had the chance to make contact  after 15 years with a classmate. He is on the west coast while i am on the east coast.

    Has a blogger i had the chance to speak with one or two readers.

    At breakfast I had a discussion with someone who the might before end in a small bar with one of the best jamming session he have heard. You should have see he’s eyes when speaking  about it. It was like a revelation for him.

    Last, you may give the excuse it cost 2000 or so… unless i am wrong, company have tax deduction when doing their tax report so the real price would probably less….. let say we divide this in half.

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    New tutorial file

    Visit the tutoriels section to download the latest tutoriel file.

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    Solid Edge keynote

    Translation from my French blog……

    So here the first presentation (2008-06-01) for the next Solid Edge release.

    “Solid Edge keynote” with Dan Staples also there where 3- 4 other presentations.

    At this point i have raw information’s, didn’t have time to format, but this will give you a good idea of the direction for this release


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    Solid Edge keynote

    Hi all

    Did not translate the last post but take a look and use any translator available.

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