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Large assembly – Draft

Large assembly – Draft

Creating detail view of the project is last step before manufacturing.

For part detailing each designer can output a preliminary draft directly from the 3D either from the assembly or part. Look at the video Overall design process video at the end (7:50) I show creation of preliminary view from 3D environment

When creating a preliminary draft few option are at the disposal or designer :

  • Use simplify part
  • Use simplify assembly
  • Quality of the draft
  • Authorise dimension

When a draftsman opens the preliminary draft of large assembly he can choose to open:

  • In active mode
  • Review mode


Active mode specifies that a draft document is opened with normal editing capability. All commands are available. Drawing views, parts lists, drawing tables, and other items are checked to determine whether they are out-of-date. Model geometry is live and accessible.

In review mode

Review mode is intended for drawing review and printing. You can open a large draft document quickly by forgoing out-of-date checking and by limiting functionality. This also is useful when opening a managed draft document with many other documents linked to it.

  • You can put the finishing touches on a drawing by selecting and moving 3D drawing views, adding and editing dimensions and annotations, changing their scale, and adjusting their properties.
  • Functions that rely on model-derived data, such as retrieving dimensions, adding center lines automatically, editing parts lists and model-derived tables, and dimensioning to draft quality views, are disabled.
  • You can create new views from geometry on the 2D Model sheet. You also can create detail views of 2D Model views. However, commands for creating new 3D drawing views are not available.
  • You cannot update drawing views.

You can identify a draft document that has been opened in review mode by the Inactive watermark stamped on working sheets and the 2D Model sheet. Another indicator is the document title bar, which displays the following in front of the document name and revision ID: “Draft with Inactive Drawing Views.”


When mixing draft options it will be easier to finalize draft and performance can be optimize for each step the draft has to pass

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