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Made in Solid Edge


Lately, my attention was caught by a strange design, when I notice Made in Solid Edge.

So i would like to share this picture.

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Thanks’ to Bob

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MDI compress air car

Looking for a new car, compress air car are now a reality and Solid Edge is part of the development

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Solid DNA would like to offer to the CAD community a unique training experience.


Peoples who want to learn how to design with a CAD software, are no longer spectator.

With Solid Edge Virtual Training, you are an  actor in your learning process.


The web site will host  Solid Edge Virtual Training, a new interactive and immersive training experience.

You will learn  3D CAD software design without having to install any software.

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Path Navigation in Solid edge

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Alan Question

How to lock the center of a slot to a local reference plane?

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Synchronous Technology used for Analysis and Optimization

No need to add more text simply follow the link

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New tutorial file

Hi all

Look in the tutorials section.  I upload a tutorial about basic part creation under ST. I also answer a question how to move part body around the Base Coordinate System.

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Last PLM file presentation

Hi All

See the tutorials section for the last file relate to my presentation.

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PLM Wolrd convention presentation

I have talk about one presentation that i found interesting,

Dora Smith from the Social marketing has put a nice interview with the presenter, so why not share with you this interview….

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DVD tutorials are being synchronize

Visit  the link below for the latest video tutorials offer


Update: DVD tutorials below  can be order, but are replaced by Solid Edge Virtual Training

HI all

Has many request, a new version of the DVD tutorials showing the fluent interface and the Synchronous Technology is on it’s way.

Keep visiting the blog and spread the word.

I’ve been quiet these days has i prepare myself for the user conference and finish some professional obligation.

 When return from the conference, i will look forward to post new stuff. If you have special things you would like me to write, send your request

Here two preview of the update DVD tutorials



Happy modeling all

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New tutorial available

Check the tutorials section, a new tutorial regarding a concrete block with a drain at it’s center.

Click the link Concrete block

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Variables table

At the heart of any design we can found an idea.

From that idea design intent is born

Design intent is then strip down to rules that are reduce to simple expressions or variables.

This is where the Variables Table takes its meaning.

In this article I will introduce in a depther way this essential tool need to create parametric model.

Variables Table

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Solid Edge tips

Quick look at visualization tools available in Solid Edge, making  your life easier.

 Visit my youtube portal

I am in the process of transfering video from vimeo to youtube while the transfer is complete visit:

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New Camera tutorial

Hi everyone

Sorry if i have taken long to post new stuff

Look in the tutorials section, a new one is available in three parts. I admit i was inspire by an external source.


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New file in the tutorial section

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CNC machining – Good Vibration

Inbox Insights
Good Vibrations
Chatter is self-excited vibration that can keep your machining center from realizing its potential productivity. The solution can be as simple as tuning the process, so that the speed of
the spindle synchronizes with the natural vibration of the system. This video provides a clear illustration of the process. The machine shown here can achieve a much greater metal removal rate at a specific speed—14,144 rpm—than it can at its top speed of 16,000 rpm.

Click here (or the image above) to hear the sound of chatter versus the sound of a stable cut

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Spherical ramp

Question ask thru newsgroup lead to this proposal to create some kind of spherical ramp.

Look in the Tutorials section, top right corner of the screen.

Hope you enjoy, if you have a different version just send it, will take a look.

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Pattern traditional and Synchronous

In a recent discussion in a newsgroup, question was ask about hole alignment. Portion of the discussion where about placing hole in a circular pattern. So I produce a small video, this not answer all questions but give an idea of the concept.

The initial idea was to show a little bit more about Pattern.  However, I realize interesting facts.

1- Word was spread that 2D cannot control 3D. So people reading about Synchronous where leaving with this impression. I confess I am part of this miss leading information. Especially where the 2D is move in the used Sketches bin, when we show extrusions. However, for pattern this is not applied.

2- I use more often pattern along a curve in ST.


Because the concept of procedural feature. Procedural feature inside Solid Edge is like an evolution of what we commonly call feature. Common procedural features are hole, shell and round. You can easily identified procedural feature, when select a small handle is available. By trying to reproduce this concept inside each of my actions, it seems easier to control a Synchronous model.

3-The build time of this simple part was roughly 30 percent less. 1:30 versus 1:00.

This is not the most rigorous scientific test ever, but I believe enough accurate to see the potential.

4- Users have the same controls and more flexibility when it comes time to apply changes on the part versus a traditional part, even if less constraint.

5- Has you see, this is done while evolving inside Fluent Interface….

Not bad for a first release. What could we expect in the next coming releases?

If you take time to read on the net those who blog about ST you can find interesting clue

«….Workflow — Here, I think the whole story wasn’t quite made clear. Yes, it’s true that history-based modeling and Synchronous Technology are quite different and you don’t mix and match the modeling styles within the same part design. But we DO allow and encourage mix/match at the assembly level – you can create models using either technology (both are included in Solid Edge even in the base package) and create assemblies of both types mixed. With the next release of Solid Edge, ST2, we will continue to expand this notion, allowing even more flexibility with assemblies with mixed part types. In general, you will continue to see us evolve and merge the two technologies to continue to leverage the best of each….»

«…Just in the modeling arena, they differ quite a bit in how they handle features (procedural features – a lot more on this coming in ST2) and dimension driven editing…»

Click HD on the video to watch in hi-def

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Video on vimeo

Just a small note for those who are video freak. An specially those who belive that video will teach them how to use a software…

My hosting video has change some rules, HD video is limit  per week. So if video is not available in HD, use the link at the bottom right to download it.


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