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About Solid DNA

This blog is dedicated to a CAD software name Solid Edge.

So obviously the name « Solid DNA » takes part of its name from the software name.

The second half of the blog name needs little more explanation to better understand the nature of the blog.

DNA refers to the genetic.

The DNA is what composes the basic of every living entity. By combining both I reflect the solid base on witch the software is build.

It also reflects the evolving nature of the software has well the evolution of the CAD market (modeling and design). With the latest development (Synchronous Technology) we see mechanical modeling and design switch to a more organic approach. Organic in a sense that part/project evolve like a human being transform during he’s lifetime.

By using DNA I also mark the difference between exploring the technical site of the software and exploring the process that run the technical.

Hope you will enjoy

About  Solid DNA Author

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