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SEwST 2 keynote – sketch

Did not had much time to post while at the user conference so after driving 20 hrs back home and a good weekend of sleep. I have some free time to post more details. Watch for new articles in the next couple of days

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Update – Multiple Solutions

Check at the bottom of the article

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Multiple solutions

I do not intend or pretend to resolve all problems with this article, but if I can give you some good guidelines to develop good practices, the travel will be less chaotic

The mysterious case of Multiple Solutions

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Symmetric offset

Symmetric offset help users create diferent type of slot.

For those who are not SE user take a look at this biref post regarding how to create slot from symmetric offset.

Symmetric offset

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Synchronous Technology – Birth of a part (part2)

Birth of a part (part2)….

This one should be more technical.

It address what should be done prior to turn 2D element into solid. If those steps are unknown to you, I recommend taking a refresh course.

Identify those step clearly is essential has they are at the base of the food chain of constructing a solid, especially if you create 3D according to a linear modeling.

Synchronous Technology – Birth of a part (part2)

Stay tune for part3 where I will talk about feature…

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