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Step NC

Having start my professinal career has a machinist, i always keep an eye  on what happend on this side of the fence.

Base on Siemens fact sheet,   Siemens PLM Software creates and manages more than 48 percent of the world’s 3D data

Many readers, would probably think that i would place emphasis on using parasolid file to exchange data between system. In fact in my previous life of machinist, i found myself using  STEP file format to exchange data between system. Then Parasolid,  finally last two options SAT or IGES. 

Some rumor state that this was develop for the US army, that need to have  neutral file type that can be exchange rapidly between manufacture facility in order to produce standard and customer part with a minium of preparation.

 Click here to see a time line it start aroun 1991


The ultimate goal,  take any STEP NC file send it to a cnc machine with the proper controler, press run after a simple setup and your ready to machine. The need to program a part is almost vanish and no need to have post processor.

Multi-Axis Machining at JPL and NIST, january 2003

Manufacturing Tasks Old Methodology STEP-NC Method
Programming 105 minutes 12 minutes
Setup 90 minutes 90 minutes
Machining 16.5 minutes 23 minutes


On February 3rd, 2005,  4 CAM’s, 2 controls , 0 Postprocessors

 Interest in demo set


 I would like to share some video on the subject to show what this could mean for your business.


STEP-NC tolerance-driven tool compensation demo (2008-03-12)


Video: STEP-NC impeller machining demo (2008-10-01)

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