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Solid Edge and the DIY market

Sometimes when surfing on the web you make nice discovery….

  • When someone speaks loud about free 2D  to make noise, Solid Edge already have quietly deploy their Solid Edge Free 2D all over the place.
  • While others speak about next cloud applications, Siemens already offer their Community collaboration as part of the Teamcenter  portfolio.
  • So when I heard about some CAD company looking for new market in the  DIY community,  I found this…….DIY 1:8 offroad car and this MeCCR V »

Some people may complain about the Siemens/Solid Edge marketing, but looks like after all the product  itself is able to make it’s way without too much bells and whistles.

Make me wonder…..Does Solid Edge is really far in the third place in the market like the competition try to make you believe or Solid Edge is in the lead among the top three???

Think about this next time you will have to make a decision about your CAD.

4 July 2011 - Posted by | DIY, V18

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