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Hi Roger happy to see you coming back and asking question….

The recognition is part of the import process, when you import a part you tell SE that you like to pass by the feature recongnizer.

Feature recognizer option

Once you specify the template to import the part, you will get acess to feature recognizer functionnality.

Feature recognizer tool

From there you will have

  • Full automatic recognition
  • Semi automatic
  • Manual

Those are useful because some part are more complex and need user interaction.

For the case, we are writing “Pattern” you will have to specify if a pattern need to be recognize.

pattern option

Then specify if it is rectangular or circular

pattern option2

Once the process is finish simply, convert the part to a synchronous model. Rectangular pattern will be recognized, by default they use number of instance in X and Y.

Option in the quickbar allow user to modify setting. Since they are procedural, behaviour is store in the feature.

pattern Sync  pattern Sync option

Here few simple that came with the software to help users practice, Like always I recommend taking training prior to jump in. Base on existing experience half a day or a day will help you save a week or more guessing and will allow you to appreciate the functionnality.

Feature recognizer sample

Will try to  put a video to better see it in action.

Hope this help.

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  1. For some reason I cannot reply via Yahoo so I will use “request” untill I can get it to work.
    Many thanks for the very detailed reply – very helpful. I have been using SE since V16 and have always struggled with the pattern tool. I am really hoping ST makes patterns easier and more intuitive to modify.
    The level of control possible in identifying features would suggest that it will be genuinely possible to modify imported parts as if they were native. I wonder what impact this will have on Spaceclaim sales who have emphasised this point strongly in their initial marketing campaign?
    One again, many thanks.

    Solid DNA
    I transfert your comment so it will belong to the right article

    What part of the pattern did you stroggle? What kind of modification are you looking for? base on train people SE seem to have a little bit more control on the pattern has we are not associate to the edge of part. Look at you pattern has a map that give instruction where instance of the pattern will be place.

    As for the impact on Spaceclaim can’t tell you because I roughly know the product. I believe there is some difference but for now can’t list any. Some time the difference is not on what we see but what process goes behind the function.

    Will keep the one open so will be able to add info in the future

    Comment by Roger Reid | 11 August 2008 | Reply

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