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Solid Edge Synchronous Technology II

Hi everyone

It is now officially launch, the second version of  SEwST II

More to come in the next months

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DVD tutorials are being synchronize

Visit  the link below for the latest video tutorials offer


Update: DVD tutorials below  can be order, but are replaced by Solid Edge Virtual Training

HI all

Has many request, a new version of the DVD tutorials showing the fluent interface and the Synchronous Technology is on it’s way.

Keep visiting the blog and spread the word.

I’ve been quiet these days has i prepare myself for the user conference and finish some professional obligation.

 When return from the conference, i will look forward to post new stuff. If you have special things you would like me to write, send your request

Here two preview of the update DVD tutorials



Happy modeling all

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New tutorials

Hi all

Two new tutorials are available. 


Change the extension for .exe, when execute it will unzip two files inside a Solid DNA folder. Each of the file are standalone simply execute and follow the instruction.

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Initiate yourself to ST

Continue reading

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SEwST interface +

In the last article about the interface, I didn’t cover everything and some have been cover quickly.

Some are basic to SE users or at least for those who use their two and. For those who do not use SE it will be a nice introduction to the ergonomics place inside the software that do not catch the eyes on first look.

The first one’s I would like to review are the visualization Tools……


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