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What’s new ST5

This was a popular request






Of course many of the request touch product infrastructure to help current and future development of the software. I did not include Insight XT that is more like a new product then a new feature.

Here few major titles (74) for part design

  • Web network as a base feature
  • Multi-body modeling
  • Hole Recognition
  • Hole placement techniques (synchronous)
  • Thread features (synchronous)
  • Solution Manager
  • Suspend relationships
  • Round edit behavior
  • Geometry Inspector enhanced
  • Moving ordered chamfer and thread features to synchronous
  • Dimensioning to sheet metal bends enhanced
  • New Slot command

For assembly

  • Assembly Relationship Enhancements
  • Barrel cam assembly relationship
  • Insert Assembly Copy
  • Large Assembly Modes
  • Terrain Modeling Using Virtual Components
  • Mirror Assembly Enhancements
  • Replace Part Enhancements
  • Nailboards (Draft-Wire Harness)
  • Inter-Assembly Copy (IAC)
  • Geometry Inspector enhanced
  • Standard Parts enhanced
  • More display configuration control for drawing views
  • Piping and frame enhancements


  • Alternate assembly drawing views
  • Balloon enhancements
  • Class fit dimension enhancements
  • Dimension enhancements
  • Datum annotation enhancements
  • Drawing sheet tab color and numbers
  • Enhanced workflow for placing multiple drawing views
  • Fastener system stacked balloon enhancements
  • Independent weld bead hatch and fill options
  • Layers, groups, and blocks enhancements
  • Multi-body display in drawing views
  • More display configuration control for drawing views
  • Nailboards have been added to support wire harness assemblies
  • New alignment options for annotations and dimensions
  • New hatch controls in section views
  • Parts list and table enhancements
  • Sheet saving and printing enhancements
  • Table groups
  • Text box enhancements
  • Unblock All and Ungroup All commands
  • Weld symbol enhancements
  • View annotations are shown during move

Solid Edge simulation

  • Thermal studies
  • Coupled studies for thermal stress analysis
  • Thermal loads
  • Thermal plots
  • Combined results for mixed mesh models
  • Iso line and iso surface result plots
  • Unite Bodies command enhancements
  • Total or distributed load option now available
  • Mesh size displayed in the user interface
  • New option simplifies geometry during meshing
  • Targeted results plot processing
  • Curved beams now supported for structural frame models
Solid Edge Embedded Client
  • Software Compatibility
  • Support for Teamcenter Classic Variants
  • Support for Teamcenter Display Names
  • Meta Model compliance
  • Naming Rules implemented
  • New Teamcenter Preference
  • Family of Parts workflow streamlined
  • Revisions command streamlined
  • Multi-select within Assembly PathFinder
  • New Assembly PathFinder shortcut commands
Insight Connect
  • Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel
  • Insight Architecture Changes
  • Improved Solid Edge to View and Markup functionality

Quick personal comment on one of the feature Multi-body.

Since the launch of Synchronous Technology, Siemens have made great efforts to avoid disruption in your workflow. Ordered ( what i call linear modeling) was,  is and will be part of the design solution offer by Solid Edge. With Multi-Body many will probably say that it exist and it is a copy of what it is found in other CAD and it is not new. What we need to understand, Siemens want to minimize disruption for  those who want/make a leap forward. CADnosaure were able to work with Solid Edge for five years  and now they become Trynosaure.

Of course Solid Edge will not become a duplicate of any CAD,  new users from other CAD platform will need to adjust. But Siemens have shown that he is willing to make the necessary commitment without sacrifice it’s true nature and continue to promote industry best practices to keep your design as healthy as possible. So if you want to leap forward….

Write this in larger letters and it came from Tony Affuso presentation and it is the modo of Siemens PLM Software  ” We never let a customer fail“*

Tony hope i do not put to much pressure on the organization.

*Please keep in mind that a massive migration of nearly 1.8 million users may cause some delay 😉

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