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Hello world

Wonder what is behind this??

The choice of those words are well chosen….

Matt Lombard just launch a new blog on Solid Edge and decide to dip he’s toes inside Siemens PLM Software world.

Yep the Solid Edge blog community just expand with the arrival of Matt Lombard, who create a new blog to be it’s diary as he will be diving inside the Solid Edge Synchronous world.

“Plus, the new blog is part of a project in which Solid Edge has contracted me to chronicle the adventures of a history-based user taking his first steps in the world of Synchronous Technology”

He decide to start from a fresh point of view with a “noob” point of view.

Please follow Matt as he explorer Solid Edge with the Synchronous Technology and join him in his travel by visiting and helping him to find its way inside Solid Edge

From Matt words “…Everybody is welcome. It’s really aimed at new SE users or people who are just curious about it, but Solid Edge veterans and any CAD users are welcome….”

3 April 2012 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Luc,
    Thanks for the welcome. Solid Edge people have been very gracious. I hope to make a contribution to the Solid Edge discussion and raise awareness of some of the power that’s in this product that people outside the Solid Edge family have somehow not heard about.

    Thanks again,

    Matt Lombard

    Comment by thx11138 | 5 April 2012 | Reply

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