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Solid Edge has a little something, can you guess what it is…

Solid Edge  has a little something, can you guess what it is?

You have guessed right if you have thought, Solid Edge enables Green Design with EcoDesigner!

Every product & part designer should think about the Ecological footprint  of their designs.  Now with easy to use applications like EcoDesigner product designers can easiliy and quickly incorporate this ecological analysis into their day to day design work.

Solid Edge EcoDesigner is develop by a Siemens PLM Software Partner named Trayakwhose vision is to make sustainable product design mainstream.

Embedded inside the Solid Edge interface, EcoDesigner is tightly integrated and very easy to use.

EcoDesigner cover a wide aspect of the part’s Lifecycle.


LCA Analysis

Instead of giving you predetermined indicators only, EcoDesigner allows you to choose between many types of Life Cycle Impact Assessment methods that are internationally recognized like the ReCiPe & Eco-Indicator 99.

Materials and manufacturing methods

Choose from any material from the Solid Edge material library and then select high level manufacturing processes. Trayak also allows you to extend these material/manufacturing lists with any proprietary materials and environmental impact data that you may have.



Each transportation mode as it’s own unique footprint and therefore the analysis should not create an average result because the contribution of a transportation mode can be very substantial within the overall lifecycle of the product. Therefore to make your analysis as accurate as possible EcoDesigner allows you to choose different modes of transportation and mix them..


Use phase and End of life

Use this option to better understand the footprint of your product when consumers use it.

At this moment this analysis is primarily based on electricity consumption over the useful life of the product.

The End of life help you understand the benefits of designing for recyclability and of using recycled material in your product.


Environmental impact

This is where you see if you have done your homework right to preserve the earth.

Base on the LCA analysis method, you can see different environmental indicators from Total energy consumption to Global warming or the Acidification/Euthrophication of water to Human health/ Ecosystem quality.

Depending on the method being used there are sometimes 10 different indicators to choose from.

You can also define a baseline to compare different scenarios

Each parameters of the equation are identify to show the biggest contributor, here Head1 and the manufacturing method.

To know more about EcoDesigner visit\

Watch Trayak in 2012, Already a new version of ECODesinger is coming and they have a very broad and comprehensive vision to fits Sustainability into PLM.

If you would like to know more about Siemens and sustainable design and to understand what those it mean

Sustainable design is not a marketing hype it is how we will get earth in good shape for the future.

4 January 2012 - Posted by | Solid Edge EcoSystem, Sustainable design


  1. Is there any connection to Graphisoft EcoDesigner? Or just that they chose the same name?

    (Based on a calculation engine VIPcore)

    Comment by stefkeb | 5 January 2012 | Reply

    • stefkeb

      I send your question to the developer of EcoDesigner and will let them answer the question

      Comment by solidadn | 14 January 2012 | Reply

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