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Solid Edge organic surface design in Synchronous

It was mention once that Solid Edge was focusing on machine design and many were left with that impression.

Update 2012-01-02

Some request was made to have a slower version of the Shower head design, the original author provide a link to the video showing the full design including a quick use of the render mode see below…

What most of the people didn’t know is that surface design is still part of the Solid Edge tools and for those who follow the actuality you have probably see this powerpoint from the ST4 launch.

(See slide 9 to 11)

Surface design is still on the radard and can probably fulfill many of your needs, and what is the most interesting, those surface tools were develop way before synch and they still integrate well with  the latest synch technology.

Watch this cool video on the home page on the right showing how you can mix synchronous sketching and surface design (BlueSurf) to  create organic shape.

Here the update video thanks to Imics

Here’s what you may have miss for the last three years…. do you want to miss more in the future?

For those who drink 10 cups of coffee and fuel with Red Bull jump to 8:20

Original publication 2011-12-04

2 January 2012 - Posted by | Fun Stuff, Surface

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