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Webinar that you do not whant to miss

Many of you do not care about what happens behind the screen when you design. Most of the times when i receive question people want an answer not and explanation and i understand that not all questions need explanation.

However i must say that overtime time i have been proven that in many situations if designer could understand and know what happen instead of only looking for a solution, many questions would not have been ask.

So when i saw this ad for a webinar about CAD kernel from Siemens i though you should give a shoot and take a small peek at what happening when you model

Event Date: 2011-11-08

02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Register here

At the core of your mechanical CAD software is the modeling kernel, an often overlooked tool. The kernel is key to your ability to compute 3D shapes and models and output 2D drawings from 3D geometry. In this webcast, learn the basics about kernels and what impacts a change in this core code can have on your company’s existing and future design data. Dan Staples, development director for Solid Edge at Siemens PLM Software, is joined by medical device designer Billy Oliver from Helena Laboratories to explore the issues facing hundreds of thousands designers and millions of CAD files.

  • The math inside your feature tree
  • Real-world lessons learned in changing kernels
  • Modeling loss, data protection, and reuse risks
  • Impact on hundreds of thousands designers and millions of CAD files
  • Case study: Helena Laboratories ensures data protection

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