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Qui veut tester ses limites avec moi à l

Qui veut tester ses limites avec moi à la Tournée déchaînée de Volkswagen? Je suis déjà inscrit. Allons-y!

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Introduction training to FEA

Thank to Mark Burhop who point out this link to a introduction training about FEA

“…The course offers excellent guidance on how to assess and plan the task of carrying out a structural analysis using FEA. A clear understanding of the objectives of each analysis is vital and a road map for achieving this is presented. A review of the tradeoff between available resource and analysis methodology is given…”

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If you are interested how FEMAP start ht

If you are interested how FEMAP start #cad #solidedge

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Access electonic 3d components

RS Components Reduces Design Time for Engineers by Publishing 30,000 3D CAD Models.

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Solid Edge and the DIY market

Sometimes when surfing on the web you make nice discovery….

  • When someone speaks loud about free 2D  to make noise, Solid Edge already have quietly deploy their Solid Edge Free 2D all over the place.
  • While others speak about next cloud applications, Siemens already offer their Community collaboration as part of the Teamcenter  portfolio.
  • So when I heard about some CAD company looking for new market in the  DIY community,  I found this…….DIY 1:8 offroad car and this MeCCR V »

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PLM Dassault V6 cloud……..

While reading the latest posts by Oleg from Beyond PLM

For sure N!fuse/N!volve taste the new flavor of the day  (web 2.0). But have you ever heard of… Teamcenter Application Sharing from Siemens? Probably not because like many says Siemens probably do not invest as much they should in their marketing. But things change and evolve Solid Edge St4 is a good example.

“…With Teamcenter® Application Sharing by UGS, you can hold conferences instantly, no matter where your team members are located. You can share your entire desktop or selected desktop applications. Participants can request to become host or to take remote control of the host’s desktop……”

Teamcenter Application Sharing is one of the tools Siemens offer in their latest web base solution call Community Collaboration (There is three videos)

Basically Teamcenter Application Sharing seem to make the same thing  as N!fuse, allowing multiple users to share a common space.With two differences,

– Data stay on the host side not in the cloud
– It was develop in the 2000’s years not the 2010’s, one generation ahead of it time 🙂

If Siemens invest a little bit to make the interface look more like any social apps.  With few tweaks to enhance the features to match the philosophy of the web 2.0, I guess that Siemens could offer a nice application to the CAD community without having the obligation to upload your data behind a corporate portal.

If the market insist 🙂 Siemens could simply port it (or you could port yourself) to any Amazone like  cloud

Here a link to a brief help content about Teamcenter Sharing Application

If you never had the chance to test it asks your Siemens representative to invite you to a Teamcenter Application Conference.

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