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BIG Day at

Ok, few months ago, I talk about moving the old website to a new one.

Well after few delays,  request, technical pitfalls, etc…. the move will happen this weekend. Still works to do, but I need to go forward.

So lots of stuff  happening behind the screen to keep me occupied

You can subscribe for free at

Don’t forget the ST4 Launch, if you have a chance stop by to say hello.


Also if you live in the Québec province, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have Solid Edge needs, I will be happy to help you the best I can. Use the request  at the top right or visit the and use the contact button.

Ou visiter  et utiliser aussi le bouton contact.

For outside Québec province  you can contact me  and I’ll see what i can do. I may have good references for you.


Anyone who is related to Solid Edge in any way, feel free to make a first contact. I want to hear from you, we never know what could happens…..

You can also contact Mark Burhop, he’s the one at Siemens PLM Software in charge of the Solid Edge Ecosystem


Big thank you for all of you who take time to visit, read or exchange. Don’t forget to use the Vbulletin Forum to join the Solid Edge community. The more we are at speaking the greater  we are at making things evolve. St4 is just around the corner, but once we turn it, ST5 will be in our sight :-).

Have a great weekend all.

Luc Poulin

Solide ADN/Solid DNA

3 June 2011 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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