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Enroute to ST4 – How the Synchronous Technology is different (part 4/5)

Concept number 5

Edit non-linear model using parameters

How do i make edits easier? By incorporating parameters in non-linear models with the notion of procedural feature.

In concepts 3 & 4 we have understand that it is possible to give mechanical and dimensional behavior to our model to introduce some basic concepts related to the parametrization of our model.

This allows us to modify operations regardless of the order or context (imported model) in which they were created. However there are a number of operations that requires a structure defined by parameters to allow a more user-friendly edition.

As mentioned earlier, Solid Edge has introduced the concept of Feature based modeling, this concept has been pushed a little further with the introduction of procedural features in the synchronous non-linear design environment.

Procedural features can be, in a way, comparing to the features used in a linear design environments.

The most common procedural features:

  • Holes.
  • Patterns.
  • Thin wall
  • Rounds/Fillets
  • The helical, chamfers, polygons … etc.

Procedural features are using a solver which acts locally to update only the geometries affected by the change.


Next stop concept 6&7

Part 1/5 – Features are using the concept of collection instead of the linear tree.

Eliminate the parent relationship between the features

Part 2/5 – Keep the mechanical integrity of the model

Part 3/5 – Add and specify dimensional constraints in real time

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