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Enroute to ST4 – How the Synchronous Technology is different (part 2/5)

Concept number 3

Keep the mechanical integrity of the model

How to make changes more quickly? By recognizing and maintain the mechanical intend of your model.


In the concept number 2, we realized that we could change the model dynamically, even if the model is imported from another CAD platform.

To be able to accomplish this, we must understand that design intent is not in a sketch, but directly store in the 3D model.

A unique concept to Solid Edge is its ability to recognize the mechanical integrity of your model using the Live Rules. Live rules are a set of geometric conditions such as: coplanar, concentric, perpendicular, orthogonal etc…

Live rules automatically detect and maintain the mechanical conditions when you perform an action on your model.

  • By default the live rules recognize the surfaces that are: Coplanar, tangents, horizontal / vertical, symmetrical
  • You also have the ability to recognize or ignore additional relationships based on the changes that you requested.
  • It is not necessary to define mechanical relationships; however you can manually apply a mechanical relationship and define whether this relationship should be:
    • Manage by the live rules
    • Permanently applied to the model without the need of the live rules.
  • Using The Advanced Live Rules help you target and act on a specific mechanical constraint on your model.



Part 1/5 – Features are using the concept of collection instead of the linear tree.

Eliminate the parent relationship between the features

Part 3/5 – Add and specify dimensional constraints in real time

Part 4/5 – Edit non-linear model using parameters

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