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Solid Edge ST4 preview – World class drafting

World-class drafting


Solid Edge continues to place emphasis on the support and integration of different standards while allowing customization to support the internal standards of each company.

Select Symbols and Values Dialog

When creating annotation, where available, a new dialog box allow the selection, preview and insertion of symbols and the input values ​​associated with these symbols, without you having to enter the associated code symbols.

It also helps centralize the content of the different categories of symbols.


Automatically fit more text in small spaces

A new option lets you adjust the ratio of the text so that it can adapt to the available space in a cell.


The option to “Wrap” text is also available


New handles for defining placement of Feature Control Frames (FCF)

The geometric tolerance box adopt new behaviours for defining it’s placement

  • Handle to resizing the break line
  • flipping the break line attachment to FCF
  • moving the break line along the FCF snap points
  • Snap the leader/break line to the FCF at snap points by using Alt+drag
  • Achieve various positions using the snap option


  • FCF is enhanced to support the new requirements of Y14.5 2009 GD&T standard which has four tier composite frame
  • FCF can now align perpendicular and parallel to an entity.
  • While moving FCF, use Shift+drag to maintain the orthogonal positions of various leaders attached to the FCF


Lock views position

It is now possible to lock the position of the view, using the lock on the control bar associated to the view. A glyph shape like a lock is display in the corner as a visual cue.


Section Views with Ribs

According to the standard you work with, it may be advisable not to include the ribs of a part in the sectional view.

From the Solid Edge Options – standards, enable or disable this option


Better display of Broken Views

When a part is too long to be scaled, or that part has no significant details on a long portion, it may be useful to create a break line in the view.

  • Break lines now support horizontal and vertical break in a single view.
  • A new type of break line allows for representation of short lines. Giving you control over the height and pitch of the lines.


New Hatch type

For companies working with wood, a new type of hatch allows the representation of growth rings


Pour en savoir plus rendez-vous le 15 Juin lors du The Solid Edge ST4 Global Launch Event  à Huntsville, venez rencontrer l’équipe de Planning/développeur, L’équipe de validation, l’équipe de support technique GTAC


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