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Solid Edge ST4 preview – Simulation for sheet metal design

Simulation for sheet metal design


sheet metal gage management

A new materia tablel is introduced with ST4. This material table is similar to the text one used in earlier versions, but this time the data is placed in an Excel file.

  • Each page corresponds to a material (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel).
  • You can use formulas.
  • Excel file can be managed centrally or standalone


Sheet Metal Simulation

During the simulation of sheet metal element, the mid-plane is used to facilitate the calculations and get a better mesh.

New connectors were added to help join:

  • Two mid-plane
  • Mid-planer and solid

Solid Edge ST3 Mis surface /FEA

The benefits you draw from:

  • Mesh congruency not required
  • Easily connect assembly components together
  • Handles moment transfer between shell and solid elements


Hybrid simulation

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, with the addition of new connectors, this second version of Solid Edge Simulation, opens the door to more complex simulations where it is better to use a surface element to represent a solid in order to have better results with a reduce meshing time.


New levels of usability

  • A double click to edit a FEA study
  • Improvement in the display of numbers in the color bar
  • Directly edit Material Reference Temperature
  • Quick single face to single face connections
  • Better symbol display for contact Source and Target
  • Material table overhaul linking material to gage


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