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Solid Edge ST4 preview – Expand collaboration

Expand collaboration


Using the JT format

To understand the importance of this enhancement, we must understand that the working environment of Teamcenter PLM can host files of different native CAD platform. Those files types require either a synchronous editor or a neutral file format so that the chain of communication can support its use without disrupting communications.

  • The use of the JT format helps repel or eliminate the potential for breakdown in communication in a collaborative PLM. Improving communication between suppliers and customers.
  • The adoption of the JT format on a large-scale collaborative PLM environments help speed revisions with easier tracking and incorporation of change
  • Allows the reuse of imported models to reduce design costs.

Read 2D drawings better

When importing 2D files, if the geometries are placed too far from the origin, the import envelope is greater than the geometries envelope. Solid Edge adjusts the import envelope to fit the geometry.


AutoCAD Multiline Text Import/Export

Before this enhancement, AutoCAD multi-line texts (mtext), were imported and treated as a single line of text, which could make rework the layout more difficult.

The new text boxes in Solid Edge support multi-lines. This should allow behaviour closer to what AutoCAD users call “mtext”. In fact the new text boxes will be closer to the Word program, because they will allow the use / support

  • changing the Aspect ratio
  • Of fonts
  • Bullets
  • etc…



ST4 new addition will give the possibility to save your document in 3D PDF with PMI dimensions.


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