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Standard Parts library link to Solid Edge

In a previous article, I mentioned to you the product Trace Parts as a solution to access thousands of standard parts.

In this second article, I present another alternative.

CADenas online Library

CADenas is an online library that has the particularity of communicating with your Solid Edge installation to generate native Solid Edge parts.

Here a cylinder from Festo company has been imported into Solid Edge

Organization of parts

After you have create your free account and validate you email address, you will have access to a wide range of products sort by:

  • Catalogs
  • Categories
  • Countries
  • Alphabetically

A breadcrumb trail lets you know your position in the catalog

The content is displayed with thumbnails and your selection is highlighted.

On the right an interactive preview is available.

The models you have collected are displayed in the lower right.

The most interesting part concerns the available actions you can do on your selection.

In the previous image about the models you have collected, you can define the file format CAD.

In the list of available versions, ST3 is not mentioned, but if you choose ST2, the import will do without any problem.

And hop … ..

Hoping you will enjoy.

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